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Syrian Ala al-Din al-Subay .. The first Arab to win the most prestigious international award in chemistry for young researchers | Syrian Arab Republic


Algeria It was announced yesterday, Friday, August 20th Choice Dr. Aladdin al-SubayDuPont, a leading American company in the chemical and technological industry, is a Research Scientist in Chemistry and Director of Research Programs. , The first Arab researcher to win this award.

This amazing success and his scientific career – which began at the University of Damascus via Saudi Arabia, Canada and later the United States – the researcher says he was interviewed by Al Jazeera Net via email:

Announcing the 12 winners of the American Chemical Society Award (Chemical and Engineering News)
  • The American Chemical Society has selected you as one of the winners of the 12th Outstanding Researcher Award in Chemical Science in the World. How did that happen?

This award is one of the most prestigious international awards in chemistry, and is the most important scientific award given by the American Chemical Society to young scientists. A young scientist and chemist in the world.

The award is presented annually by 12 researchers and chemists working as professors at universities or as scientists at industrial research and development centers or government research centers around the world.

The award is given to young scientists under the age of 42 in all fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, materials engineering and nanotechnology. By submitting the names they deserve to succeed without the researcher knowing.

The award is a tribute to young researchers for their scientific careers and is open to all universities, institutes in various fields and government scientific research centers.

Each year, the American Chemical Society receives recommendations from more than 600 researchers and scientists who have made scientific revolutions in their fields, and the choice ultimately falls on researchers who have made the greatest scientific leaps in their fields, either theoretically or through scientific achievements. Start-up companies specialize in scientific discoveries or products that have had a significant impact on people’s lives, and their future leaders in the eyes of the award board (which is made up of senior scientists).

Dr. Ala al-Din al-Subay in the laboratory at Cornell University while working as a doctoral researcher (Al-Jazeera)
  • Do you know who recommended you and how?

For me, I was nominated for my scientific achievements and discoveries. Initially, I think, at Cornell University in the United States, in 2016 I developed new polymeric materials that revolutionized the field of polymer chemistry and water purification.

These scientific discoveries have resulted in many inventions of polymeric nanomaterials that can quickly remove microscopic organic contaminants from water, at a cost thousands of times greater than the best materials currently used in water purification, which are made from environmentally friendly natural sources. We have published these scientific achievements in many science articles and science articles in major and most important science journals, including Nature, the world’s most important and oldest science journal.

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In addition, this research resulted in dozens of patents in many countries around the world and created the American start-up in 2017 (Cyclopur), which today is considered one of the 10 most important emerging companies in the water treatment industry in the United States, including polymer chemistry, material science and water purification. Uses 10 chemists who specialize in the fields.

Photo of the first American patent for Dr. Ala El Din al-Zubayr (Al Jazeera)

After Cornell University, while working as a scientist at Archema’s research and development centers in 2018, I was part of the research team that first developed the recyclable wind turbine, which was made by Eliam, the most important materials used to make the wind turbines we use today to generate electricity. And this research currently holds dozens of patents.

Then in 2018 I moved to the American company DuPont, which is the second largest American company in the field of chemical and technology industries. It is found all over the world in various smart electronic devices like mobile phones, memory devices, flat screens, medical devices. , Transport and other.

At this company, I have made quantum leaps in chemical machine planing technology to improve the performance and quality of nano processors, electronic chips and memory chips in various electronic devices, and we expect a product from my research to be marketed within the next year.

Dr. Aladdin Al-Zubai and Cornell University Research Group (Al-Jazeera)
  • What is the value of this award, is it material or moral, or both?

It’s both, but I consider it more moral than material, because the award’s name is better in the world of chemistry because it gives the researcher a milestone in his field, thus opening the doors of fame for him.

Financially, every researcher receives a cash prize, a free lifetime membership in the American Chemical Society and other surprising prizes.

Most importantly, the annual conference for this award will take place on September 27th and 28th, where each of the 12 award winners will deliver a speech in the presence of thousands of people who have attended the conference around the world, after which the winners will present their prizes at a ceremony at the conference.

  • How did you get the award-winning message? What is its significance to you, especially since you belong to the Arab world?

The news that I won the award was obviously surprising. Thousands of researchers wait every year to win this award. I did not expect it to win because it was a very tough and competitive award, especially since I was the first Arab to win it.

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Coronation is a milestone in my scientific career and a decisive turning point that will undoubtedly lead to greater success and open boundaries for me because these award winners generally work at leading universities, institutes and research centers around the world, making me one of the leading researchers in the field of chemistry.

Dr. Al-Zubai crowned Rising Star Award for Polymer Industry, 2018 (Al-Jazeera)
  • Is this the first time you have won an award? Or have you won prestigious awards in your life?

In 2018, I won the Rising Star Award for the Polymer Industry in the United States, an award given by the American Association of Chemical Engineers, the second largest association of chemical scientists in the world and its award has a great reputation.

I, during my work at Arkema, won the 2017 Best Joint Research Award at the company.

In addition to these two awards, I have previously won a major scholarship from the University of Alberta, Canada to receive a PhD, the most important scholarship awarded in the State of Alberta, Canada.

  • This coronation – seems to be the result of many years of hard work. Tell us from the beginning about your educational journey from Damascus schools in Syria to American universities?

I received my bachelor’s degree in applied chemistry in 2005 from the University of Damascus. At the time, I was in the top five at the College of Chemistry, which allowed me to receive a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in organic chemistry at King Fahad University. Petroleum and minerals in Saudi Arabia.

Since I got first rank in all the postgraduate subjects I studied, the master’s degree I took in two years and my score was very high university.

Copy of Al-Subai (Al-Jazeera) PhD in Canada

This distinction allowed me to receive a scholarship to the University of Alberta, Canada, where I received a doctorate in conjunction with the Canadian National Center for Nanotechnology, and I completed my PhD in Organic Chemistry and Nanotechnology. In 2013 my PhD research field was the development of organic nanomaterials for the treatment of fractures and osteoporosis.

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Then I went to Cornell University in the Department of Chemistry and Biology (one of the top 10 universities in the United States) as a postdoctoral researcher and spent two years there.

After that, I worked for two years as a scientist at Archema, and then in 2018 I went to work as a scientist at DuPont as I said before.

  • You are a role model for Arab researchers and students, what are the most important tips you can give them?

I always tell students who want to enter the world of scientific research that this road is long and hard and that what you do requires patience and passion.

The researcher should not keep his eyes on material gain because this will inevitably deter him; The benefits of scientific research often come late, and those who seek money will not find what they are looking for in the first place, but rather after great effort and hard work.

Scientific research is a strange world because it is in constant and rapid development, which makes you realize that you are working to serve humanity, which is a refined sense.

As far as the specialization of chemistry is concerned, it is one of the broadest and most important fields of science, and it is responsible for most of the manifestations of technological development we see in the world today.

Dr. Aladdin with Professor William Dictall, Chairman of Cornell University Research Group (Al Jazeera)
  • Are there any final words?

I grew up in a middle-income family. For me, studying at universities outside of Syria was a big dream. My father, with his income, could not finance my studies, but by the grace of God, and later my academic excellence, I was gradually able to enroll in more prestigious international universities.

I call on all Arab students – especially Syrians who are going through difficult circumstances due to the unstable political situation – to strive for their studies and achieve the best. Everything in this life is made possible by work, patience and desire.

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