June 5, 2023

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Kuwait Airways has increased its Airbus order to 31 jets on a $ 6 billion deal

Sharjah 24 – AFP: Kuwait Airways on Monday announced an extended $ 6 billion deal with Airbus for 31 aircraft, which renewed a deal reached in 2014.
“We agree to rebuild a monument that will put Kuwait Airways in a very strong position to succeed for the next 15 years,” company chairman Ali al-Dukhan told a news conference.

The new deal, which will add three new aircraft to the existing 28 Series, includes nine Airbus A320 Neo, six A321 Neo, three A321 NeoLR, four A330-800Neo, seven A330-900Neo and two A350-900.

Al-Duhan said the redesigned deal, which aims to give the airline more flexibility after the corona virus outbreak rocked the travel industry, now has a “total value of $ 6 billion”.

“Although the amendments were made in 2018, the agreement needed further amendments to suit the future of Kuwait Airways, especially in the post-Govt aviation sector which needs to be changed and become more flexible,” he said.

Kuwait Airways has received eight flights so far, and “we expect two (more) by the end of this year,” Dugan said. “Most flights will arrive by 2026.”

He added that the airline aims to grow from 57 to 100 direct destinations within the next two years.

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