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Simon: Hamid al-Sheri refuses to take part in the song “Pattakal Jet” .. The first “duet” in modern times | News


Artist Hamid al-Sheri presented a group of successful “duet” songs beginning in the early nineties, and his first duet was “Petkalmat Serious” with Simon.

During an interview with the media on the CBC show’s It’s Show ‘, Dina Howitok said: “I was inspired by European music and a generation of bands presenting various modern music in Egypt and presenting their songs. And in the third year, the works of Hamid al-Sheri were confined to composing.

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He added, “Director Tariq al-Qashef and I recommended Hamid al-Sheri to take part in a song, which he spoke out vehemently and at first refused, and it is the first duet in the modern age after the songs of Mohamed Fawzi and Laila Murat.”

He added, “We filmed the song in a weird way similar to a movie scene in a video clip, and Hamid al-Sheri then repeated the experience with several singers.”

Simon described the filming of the “Taxi” video clip: “Tarek al-Kashef thought about producing my first album with Americana Audio & Video, and he invested in my natural show. The taxi clip, and the whole album was a huge hit in the Arab world. And the audience was memorizing his songs, this clip was used in the evening taxi show.


Simon is reported to have participated in the “Family Record” series with a group consisting of Bose, Salah Abdullah, the late artist Esad al-Ali, Mervat Amin and young stars.

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Participated in the second part of the series “The Red Sulfur” with Ahmed Al-Sadani, Talia Mustafa and others.

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