March 24, 2023

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Kuwait has banned the screening of "Doctor Strange" for this reason

Kuwait has banned the screening of “Doctor Strange” for this reason

Homeland – Kuwait decides to ban the screening of Dr. Strange’s in all theaters; For violating public morality.

Kuwait has decided to ban the film Dr. Strange

Anwar Murad, an official spokesman for the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information, said the release of Dr. Strange’s movie was officially banned in all theaters in Kuwait because the film violates public morality.

The film’s ban was prompted by the sexual orientation of one of the film’s main characters and the long-standing appearance of the “LGBT people” flag, which includes homosexuals and transgender people. Time.

Doctor Strange film banned in Gulf countries
Decided to ban the movie “Doctor Strange” due to unusual scenes

According to reports, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt have decided to ban the screening of the film.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch commented on the banning of the film Dr. Strange in most Arab countries.

“I’m glad Marvel and Disney are supporting the gay community, and we must continue to be equal,” he said.

He described the decision to ban the film as “hopeless”.

The film was produced by Marvel Studios for Superheroes and is scheduled to release next month, early May 2022.

The international film “Dr. Strange”, a talented surgeon, deals with the story of paralysis of the hands in a car accident. However, he is healed after meeting a group of magic men, who teach him the fascinating methods of magic and how to manipulate the various worlds in the universe.

Already Ban on screening of “The Eternal” in Gulf countries It stars American actress Angelina Jolie and Mexican Salma Hayek because of intimate scenes.

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