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“Bleeding fever” wave in Iraq .. 18 injuries and 4 deaths



"Bleeding fever" wave in Iraq .. 18 injuries and 4 deaths

Saif al-Badr, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, told the official Iraqi News Agency (INA):For injuries Sick Bleeding fever It left 18 wounded and 4 dead across Iraq.

Al-Badr called on the people to “be vigilant and follow preventive measures to avoid this dangerous disease.”

Many viruses cause hemorrhagic fever, and the disease can sometimes be simple, but sometimes it can be life threatening if it is known to be transmitted to humans from certain animals and insects, and the infection can be transmitted from one person to another. .

Most of the injuries are concentrated in The Gour Governorate in the south of the country, where the ministry announced on Monday that it would send a high-level team led by the director general of the public health department. Measures were taken in collaboration with the local government in the governorate, ministries and other bodies.

Experts say The Garh has registered 30 cases since the middle of last year, 10 of them dead, and officials involved in the governorate have launched a campaign to control the red meat markets.

Audit campaigns

A statement from the health media said, “Health control groups in the Nazarene First Division are continuing their control campaigns to pursue meat shops and sell red meat in markets and neighborhoods to Shamia.” Preventive conditions necessary for the health and safety of citizens. “

Among the demands of government agencies to implement health control in butcher shops and to prevent the slaughter of livestock in ancient ways and in public places, The Curr Governorate is concerned about the spread of the disease. And spreads diseases.

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A veterinarian at the governorate said, “The disease started to spread last year and many deaths and injuries were recorded in the city and other cities, but it is strange that the official procedures of the Ministry of Health do not survive. There is a need nationally to combat the disease and strengthen veterinary services with basic materials, Initiating monitoring committees to monitor animal slaughterhouses and complying with safety recommendations.

The doctor, who did not want to be named, told Sky News Arabia, “The disease is not dangerous in its early stages, but if it spreads rapidly, it will be difficult to control and prevent, especially in the absence of the necessary vaccine.” Not ready for too much pressure because it is difficult to control any other virus except those infected with the corona virus. That too has been affected. “

In the same vein, several Iraqi governorates have announced rapid measures to prevent the spread of the disease and its spread.

Kirkuk Governorate Health Director Nabil Hamdi said, “The Governorate will launch a campaign to prevent hemorrhagic fever, especially after the outbreak of the disease in The Gar Governorate.”

He stressed in a press release that “the investigation into the issue of hemorrhagic fever in Kirkuk is ongoing and we will conduct a workshop to spread awareness and culture about the spread of the disease among the people in the province.” “So far, no case has been registered in the province.”

40 percent

According to the World Health Organization, the mortality rate for hemorrhagic fever reaches 40 percent of victims.

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The virus is transmitted to humans through poultry or livestock, while infecting a person through direct contact with blood, secretions, organs, or other body fluids.

Some types include viral hemorrhagic fevers; Dengue Fever, Ebola Fever, Lassa Fever, Marburg Fever and Yellow Fever.

It should be noted that there is no cure for viral hemorrhagic fever, but some of them have vaccines, while prevention is the best way to combat it until scientists find additional vaccines.

Iraq officially recorded the first death in 2018 from the disease.

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Concerns about Americans’ weak skills in math Associated Press: A threat to national security



Concerns about Americans’ weak skills in math Associated Press: A threat to national security

By Reem Abdel Hamid

Tuesday, September 26, 2023 03:36 PM

According to the Associated Press, many Americans joke about how bad they are at math, and their already poor scores on standardized math tests continue to decline.

Employers say America needs math geniuses like animated movies need superheroes. They believe America’s poor performance in math is no laughing matter, but a threat to national security and global economic competitiveness.

Jim Stigler, a professor of psychology at the University of California who studies the teaching and learning process in subjects including mathematics, believes that the technological advances that will lead the world in the next fifty years will come from other countries. Capital that America does not have.

The U.S. Department of Defense has called for a major effort to support education in science, technology, education and math, or “STEM” for short. The number of graduates in these categories in China is eight times that of their counterparts in the United States, and the number of engineers in Russia is four times that of those in the United States, he said.

For his part, Aspen Research Institute Vice President Josh Weiner says the matter is not just an academic issue. Last July, he warned that other countries, particularly China, were challenging America’s technological dominance. He explained that mathematics is needed to solve the fundamental challenges faced in the present era.

On the other hand, the number of jobs in mathematical occupations, i.e. jobs that use the dream of arithmetic and use advanced methods to perform calculations, analyze data, and solve problems, will increase by more than 30,000 per year. In the current decade, that’s the fastest rate compared to any other type of job, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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How to inquire about health card number in Qatar



How to inquire about health card number in Qatar

Qatar Health Card is considered as one of the most important services provided to all Qatari citizens by the Government of Qatar, eager to serve the citizen and provide him with all his basic needs. So, you can now apply for a health card after fulfilling all the necessary conditions on the official website of the “We take care of you” application. This is what we will discuss in this article. Follow us.

Health Card Qatar

There are several ways in which you can apply for a health card in Qatar, as stated by the Government of Qatar through its official website through a few simple steps:

  • First, you need to login to the government website Here.
  • Log in to the national authentication system using your Qatari ID number.
  • Then you need to enter your password.
  • Click on Service to get Qatar Health Card.
  • Enter all the required data from you in the space provided for it and attach all the necessary documents and documents.
  • Finally, click the Send Request icon.

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Investigation of health card in Qatar

Health Card Qatar

Now that we know about the process of applying for a health card in Qatar, we will now discuss how to inquire about a health card in Qatar to ensure the validity of your health card and enjoy the health care provided. Through the following:

  • You need to login to the official website of my government Here.
  • Click on the Electronic Services tab.
  • Several options will appear. Select the Electronic Health Card Services tab.
  • Click on Health Card Update option.
  • Write all the required data from you in the space provided.
  • Souq will show you all the health card data so you can check the validity of the card.

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Qatar Health Card No

If you want to know your Qatar Health Card number, there are some simple steps you can take through the Hukoomi website. So, here are the steps to verify the card number as follows:

  • Log in to the official Hukoomi website Here.
  • Enter the ID card number in the space provided.
  • Click on the check expiration date icon.
  • After completing the previous steps, click on the Continue icon to display your Qatar Health Card number.

How much does health insurance cost in Qatar?

The cost of health insurance in Qatar is approximately four hundred ninety five Qatari Riyals.

How do I get a health card number?

Qatar Health Card number can be obtained through inquiry service on Hukoomi website.

How do I get a health card in Qatar?

A Qatar Health Card can be obtained by paying a fee of one hundred Qatari Riyals.

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Artificial intelligence raises concerns for Britain.. The Guardian: Concerns include the development of biological weapons, terrorist uses and causing havoc. Extinction is science fiction



Artificial intelligence raises concerns for Britain.. The Guardian: Concerns include the development of biological weapons, terrorist uses and causing havoc.  Extinction is science fiction

By: Nihal Abu Al-Saud

Tuesday, September 26, 2023 at 05:00 AM

Concerns about the power of the next generation of controversial artificial intelligence technology are growing in Britain, between its supporters and detractors, from criminals and terrorists using the technology to achieve their goals, to frequent scenes in sci-fi movies. About a machine escaping human control.

The UK is hosting a summit on AI security in November, and British officials are touring the world ahead of the summit.

According to The Guardian, fears are widespread that criminals or terrorists could use artificial intelligence to accomplish their extremist goals and cause mass death, and some around British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak worry that the technology will soon become powerful enough to help. Individuals develop biological weapons that are out of bounds.

“The purpose is to warn against this,” said a person familiar with the summit talks Artificial Intelligence Risks“Downing Street is paying attention at the moment.”

Frontier AI is a term used to refer to models of artificial intelligence that are dangerous enough to endanger human life, the newspaper noted.

Sunak warned months ago about the dangers posed by artificial intelligence and urged the international community to adopt safeguards to prevent its misuse.

Recent developments in artificial intelligence technology have raised fears among officials. Last year, an artificial intelligence tool was able to suggest 40,000 different potentially lethal biomolecules, some of which were similar to VX, in just 6 hours. .

Earlier this year, researchers found that ChatGPT can lie to a human to achieve a specific goal. The AI-powered chatbot convinced a person to solve a “captcha” tool designed to take down online bots after telling them to a human. Visually impaired and needs help accessing the website.

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Government sources fear that a criminal or terrorist could use artificial intelligence to help prepare the components of a biological weapon before sending them to a lab, where they can be mixed and shipped without any human supervision, a risk some believe will soon increase dramatically. , companies are already spending hundreds of millions of pounds. Sterling is looking for more powerful processors to train the next generation of AI tools.

Another concern is the emergence of “artificial general intelligence,” which refers to an artificially intelligent system capable of autonomously performing any task at or above human level—and which could pose an existential threat to humans in years to come.

On the other hand, the existential risk approach to general AI has been criticized by AI experts, who argue that the threat is overstated. Last week, a senior tech executive told US lawmakers that the notion of uncontrollable public AI was… “fiction”.

Several world leaders, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron, are expected to attend the summit. The UK has invited China to participate.

The British government confirmed that the summit would focus on risks such as the misuse of artificial intelligence to develop biological weapons or electronic attacks, and the emergence of advanced systems that escape human control.

He said in a statement: “There are two areas that the summit will focus on in particular: the risks of misuse, for example when new AI capabilities help a bad actor in biological or cyber attacks, and the risks of losing control. The risks may arise from the advanced systems we want to “counter it”.

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Sunak warned months ago about the dangers posed by artificial intelligence and urged the international community to adopt safeguards to prevent its misuse.

Downing Street is reportedly spending £100m on a new artificial intelligence team. The United Kingdom to evaluate them before using them more widely. .

A Downing Street spokesman said AI has “huge potential to transform every aspect of life and the Frontier AI Taskforce has been established to ensure technology is developed safely and responsibly”. Potential risks.

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