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“Bleeding fever” wave in Iraq .. 18 injuries and 4 deaths


Saif al-Badr, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, told the official Iraqi News Agency (INA):For injuries Sick Bleeding fever It left 18 wounded and 4 dead across Iraq.

Al-Badr called on the people to “be vigilant and follow preventive measures to avoid this dangerous disease.”

Many viruses cause hemorrhagic fever, and the disease can sometimes be simple, but sometimes it can be life threatening if it is known to be transmitted to humans from certain animals and insects, and the infection can be transmitted from one person to another. .

Most of the injuries are concentrated in The Gour Governorate in the south of the country, where the ministry announced on Monday that it would send a high-level team led by the director general of the public health department. Measures were taken in collaboration with the local government in the governorate, ministries and other bodies.

Experts say The Garh has registered 30 cases since the middle of last year, 10 of them dead, and officials involved in the governorate have launched a campaign to control the red meat markets.

Audit campaigns

A statement from the health media said, “Health control groups in the Nazarene First Division are continuing their control campaigns to pursue meat shops and sell red meat in markets and neighborhoods to Shamia.” Preventive conditions necessary for the health and safety of citizens. “

Among the demands of government agencies to implement health control in butcher shops and to prevent the slaughter of livestock in ancient ways and in public places, The Curr Governorate is concerned about the spread of the disease. And spreads diseases.

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A veterinarian at the governorate said, “The disease started to spread last year and many deaths and injuries were recorded in the city and other cities, but it is strange that the official procedures of the Ministry of Health do not survive. There is a need nationally to combat the disease and strengthen veterinary services with basic materials, Initiating monitoring committees to monitor animal slaughterhouses and complying with safety recommendations.

The doctor, who did not want to be named, told Sky News Arabia, “The disease is not dangerous in its early stages, but if it spreads rapidly, it will be difficult to control and prevent, especially in the absence of the necessary vaccine.” Not ready for too much pressure because it is difficult to control any other virus except those infected with the corona virus. That too has been affected. “

In the same vein, several Iraqi governorates have announced rapid measures to prevent the spread of the disease and its spread.

Kirkuk Governorate Health Director Nabil Hamdi said, “The Governorate will launch a campaign to prevent hemorrhagic fever, especially after the outbreak of the disease in The Gar Governorate.”

He stressed in a press release that “the investigation into the issue of hemorrhagic fever in Kirkuk is ongoing and we will conduct a workshop to spread awareness and culture about the spread of the disease among the people in the province.” “So far, no case has been registered in the province.”

40 percent

According to the World Health Organization, the mortality rate for hemorrhagic fever reaches 40 percent of victims.

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The virus is transmitted to humans through poultry or livestock, while infecting a person through direct contact with blood, secretions, organs, or other body fluids.

Some types include viral hemorrhagic fevers; Dengue Fever, Ebola Fever, Lassa Fever, Marburg Fever and Yellow Fever.

It should be noted that there is no cure for viral hemorrhagic fever, but some of them have vaccines, while prevention is the best way to combat it until scientists find additional vaccines.

Iraq officially recorded the first death in 2018 from the disease.

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