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Sculpture and ceramics in Dubai play the music of sustainability


Dubai seeks to uphold and promote a sustainable approach in the field of plastic arts, particularly three-dimensional sculpture and design, by employing artists and young talents with recycled materials from natural resources. and its approaches are consistent with global ecosystems and human values.

Material recycling

Khalil Abdul Wahad, Director of Fine Arts at the Culture and Arts Commission in Dubai, said: “Sustainability is an important concept in the modern world and is at the forefront of interest in many sectors, including the arts. Generally in sculpture and art production.

This means using natural and organic materials that are not harmful to the environment, as well as reusing recyclable materials in art production processes, by converting materials used in art production into new materials, such as recycling wood in the production of new works of art.


Ceramicist and ceramist Asma Al-Areed believes that ceramic work, which is part of the sculpture and composition field, is not limited to the traditional form as it is known. Aspects of modern times.

To observe the stylistic changes from one generation to the next and to touch on the traditional sources of contemporary creativity on the one hand, since the material in postmodern arts is not static, but vibrant, modern trends in this art and moving, which contributes to driving the creative activity of the artist, who now prefers static objects.

Contemporary thought

Richard Wilson, founder and creative director of the “Collab” library of eco-friendly technology products, says: There are many recent technological advances that have touched the production and manufacturing of materials and the ability to simulate the structural and morphological properties of nature. materials, and in many cases even more useful and compatible properties for human health and the environment, especially with “nano” technologies.

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It gave us completely new materials with unique and strange characteristics, which recently opened the door to the entry of such technologies, and the reproduction and creation of sustainable works of art and sculpture, encouraging the reinvestment of wasted natural resources. and recycling them for the benefit of the creative scene in Dubai and one of the imperatives of contemporary thinking in the fine arts.

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