March 29, 2023

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La Palma Island volcano reaches ocean and fear of toxic gas emissions .. Video

Officials in the Spanish Canary Islands announced that a volcanic stream flowing from the Cumbria Viza volcano that erupted 10 days ago on the island of La Palma reached the ocean on Tuesday-Wednesday night. Ejected as a result of a volcanic eruption that melts in seawater.

“The lava stream reached the ocean in Playa Nueva,” the volcanic company Involcano of the Canary Islands tweeted in a tweet after midnight (Tuesday 22:00 GMT).

The Gumbre Vija volcano erupted on September 19.

On Tuesday afternoon, there was a volcanic current within 800 meters of the Atlantic, but the pace of its progress had varied greatly over the past few days, at one point it seemed to have stopped, when the unpredictable volcanic ocean would meet.

Experts are concerned about the presence of volcanoes in the water due to toxic gases and harmful particles emitted during the removal of dissolved volcanoes.

For this reason, the local government in the archipelago issued a decision prohibiting entry into the area where the volcanic stream is expected to reach, defining the exemption zone as “a circle with a circumference of two nautical miles”.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the authorities announced that they would set aside .5 10.5 million to provide direct assistance to the victims of the volcanic eruption, especially to help them buy alternative housing for the houses they see under the volcanic eruption.

The volcano erupted, destroying 589 of its buildings (not all homes), covering 258 hectares of land.

La Palma Island is mainly inhabited by banana cultivation and tourism.

The eruption did not cause any deaths or injuries, but more than 6,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes.

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