May 30, 2023

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Laborda: Talking about Messi makes me sad, and Big is not a normal person!

Laborda: Talking about Messi makes me sad, and Big is not a normal person!

Barcelona president Joan Laporte has confirmed his sadness every time he talks about former team-mate and current Paris Saint-Germain star Lionel Messi.

Barcelona were forced to drop the services of Argentina’s senior star to their French teammate last summer due to the club’s recent financial crisis.

At an extraordinary public meeting in Barcelona on Thursday evening, LaBorte was eager to talk about Messi, to vote on 49.9% of the club’s “BLM” sales.

The Barcelona president said: “I am very sorry to talk about Messi and will continue to support any idea of ​​giving him enough praise for all the efforts he has made for the club over the last several years.”

He added: “Barcelona has given us many years of glory and I’m sure we can honor him in the right way. Leo has always been from Barcelona and deserves eternal praise.”

According to Gerard Pique: “Pique has suffered somewhat, there is a picture in the imagination of people that football stars enjoy fame, money and everything we dream of, but they are also human beings and Pique is a wonderful man.”

He explained, “He chose to continue as a professional footballer. He gave us a lot. He had to pursue it. He chose to pursue his career as a businessman or footballer. On the field.”

He continued: “From a personal point of view, he had a very unpleasant situation, especially for his two children, and you should not follow the news portraying him as a little man with no feelings, because he deserves respect and affection. The Catalans and I are lucky to know him.”

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He also spoke of Javier DePas, the leader of the Spanish league: “I agree that he has changed his position, and I urge him to continue in this line.

It is noteworthy that the General Assembly of Barcelona approved the sale of 49.9% of the club’s “BLM” company, which could pump between பயன்படுத்த 200 and மில்லியன் 300 million, which could be used during the current summer transfer period. .

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