March 20, 2023

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A strange discovery .. Eating this type of meat can make you blind!

A strange discovery .. Eating this type of meat can make you blind!

An Australian study has warned people not to eat raw or uncooked meat because it can cause vision problems. The study, published by the Times of India, confirmed Times of IndiaAlthough meat is definitely the best source of protein for the body, it can cause health problems when eaten the wrong way.

Researchers at the Australian University of Flinders also found that meat quality and cooking time were two important factors that every person who eats meat should pay attention to.

Toxoplasma gondii

The researchers added that green meat may be a carrier of the parasitic toxoplasma gondii that can lead to blindness. The study found that retinal scars caused by this parasite occur in one in 150 people in Australia.

The study team examined retinal images of more than 5,000 participants in Western Australia. One in 149 suffers from ocular toxoplasmosis or toxoplasma gondii. Infections caused by toxoplasma affect people’s vision. These parasites are transmitted from mother to child.

Common symptoms of a parasitic infection include fever, swollen glands, muscle aches, headache, swollen eyes, and enlarged liver or spleen. In severe cases, it can affect the vital organs of the body.


Other parasites in green meat

Trichinella parasites are spread to humans when they eat raw or uncooked meat.

Tapeworms can spread from beef to humans if eaten raw. The list of parasites also includes E. coli, giardia, flatworms, pinworms and ascaris.



Important warnings

Health agencies and organizations have always warned against consuming raw or uncooked meat because it is a carrier of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter and E. coli, which are known to cause food poisoning.

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Although it is said that green meat provides many enzymes that decompose when cooked, the disadvantages of eating raw meat outweigh the benefits.

Prevent bacterial hazards

The best way to prevent infection by germs is to get the meat fresh, clean it properly, and cook it well.

Although some people prefer semi-cooked meat, they should avoid microbial hazards, which are more likely to spread to humans and other animals by eating properly cooked meat.