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Laila LV Al-Ramadan raises controversy over “editor and auditor” in “Incest” series


Since early morning Drama marathon Ramadan 2022Issues related to the artwork launched by Laila LV’s new series “Donia Tania”, in which she participated with elite stars such as My Selim, Fras Saeed, Makti Kamal, Ahmed Wafiq and directed by Ahmed Abdel.

The crisis began with a scene in which Khalid Abdel Jalil, the head of the censorship of Egyptian works of art, considered a “disgrace to burial”, a scene in which Laila LV’s husband, played by Fairas Saeed, betrays his wife with his sister. , Played by My Selim.

Violation of censorship

Commenting on the crisis, the head of the audit told Independent Arabia, “We were surprised by the earlier warning that it would be removed, but the channel that aired the work,” insisting that the first episode had already been monitored. The “Al-Nahar” channel “aired and circulated the episode containing the footage.” Deleted “.

Abdel Jalil added that the Supreme Council for Media Regulation explains that “censorship rules should not be tolerated and deceived in any way, especially as they show a violation of moral, family and religious standards.” Complaint about censorship, “Stopped the episode and warned the channel.” Issued a statement describing the “fraud against the end of the audit.”

Standard application

The Supreme Council for Media Regulation, in a statement on its official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, stressed the need to air a licensed episode, from which “sexually explicit footage was removed” following a complaint by the head of the censorship of works of art.

The apex media also threatened that he would not hesitate to use the standards contained in the announced media code and that he would use the texts contained in his law if it was violated, including shutting down the radio until the channel was licensed. Violations will be withdrawn if continued.

We tried to contact artist Laila LV to respond to the crisis, but she did not respond. Amin Jamal, the author of the series, told “Independent Arabia” that “there is nothing shocking” and stressed that “we need to watch the second episode to understand the consequences of the controversial scene”. The family deliberately challenged the audit decision. It’s full of family values ​​and religion. “

Delete the scene

The family, which works to respect community policies, issued a statement saying, “We certainly appreciate the Supreme Council for the censorship of works of art and the media’s search for the protection of society’s values ​​and principles, but only at the end of the first episode was the serial misjudged, which is not enough to determine the remaining work events and the censorship work.” Given the verdict without looking, we are waiting for the decision to be made until the opposite is the case.

For its part, in response to allegations of fraud, the Al-Nahar channel, which modeled the show, said it was interested in values, policies and social norms and decided to remove the footage protesting the censorship of works of art. The series “A Second World”, again and again explains the deletion in the episode, as well as from social media and all station sites.

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The channel added in an official statement that adding his name to the incident was a “strange thing”, especially as there was no connection near or far from it, indicating a “crisis between the censorship of works of art”. I went to the channel and the producer of the series said, “One hour before the show, the episode that covered that scene” indicated that the producer had rejected any footage without any censorship notice.

The series’s story revolves around a married school principal named “Dunia” who suffers from her husband’s infidelity, and the crisis worsens when her son dies in a swimming pool, after which her other son loses his speech after the shock. The wife is shocked by the husband’s betrayal of her sister, which leads to a divorce lawsuit against her, and the incidents of criticism and slander intensify after she discovers many surprising things in her life.

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