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Laila LV revealed the secret of her “Top” movie, the love of women, 18 years ago in the news


Actress Laila LV, who appeared in the film ‘Love of Girls’ in the last few days ahead of Valentine’s Day, has revealed the secret of keeping the film ‘Love of Girls’ for 18 years.

Laila LV also told Al-Sadat on the Al-Nahar channel, along with two media experts, Mafida Shiha and Zuhair Jude: “I’m very happy that people saw that video clip. Posted on Valentine’s Day, the trend caused by people’s love, I loved on Eid day. “Today it is not just for the girlfriend, it is for the love of the company, the family and the neighbors that makes people realize the love.

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He said he has his memories and the costumes of most of the works he has presented over the years: “I have things I love, and I do not like carabiners at home, and I want to thank all the people who loved me.”

Laila LV re-enacted the scene of her Valentine’s Day celebration 18 years after the film was shown in the movie “Love of Girls”.

Although Laila LV was keen to present the same scene and wear the same outfit, many differences appeared in the film.

Laila LV, Ahmed Is, Hanan Durk, Hana Shiha, Ashraf Abdel Baki, Sawson Badr, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, Khalid Abu El Naga, Ahmed Barda starrer “Love of Girls”, written by Nihat Abdel Aziz. Directed by Tamar Habib, Khalid Hajar.

It is noteworthy that Laila LV did not participate in Ramadan 2020, and her last play was the series “She and Da Vinci”, which was shown in Ramadan 2016 and co-starred with Khalid L-Chavez and her last cinematic work. Menna Shalabi and Pashem Samra co-starred in the film “Water, Green and Good Face” directed by Yusri Nasrallah.

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