February 7, 2023

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أول بطلة خارقة مسلمة ... Ms Marvel بالحجاب في الإعلان الدعائي الأول

The first Muslim superhero … Ms Marvel in hijab in the first ad | News

Marvel releases the first trailer of the Ms Marvel series, starring Iman Fellaini as the first Muslim superhero.

The series revolves around Kamala Khan, a 16-year-old Pakistani student who does not think she belongs in her world, loves art and superheroes, but her life changes when she acquires supernatural powers, which makes her one of the heroes she loves. Her life.

Mrs. Marvel

Kamala wears a hijab and prays at the mosque, with her best friend “Nakia”, the hijab imitated by actress Jasmine Fletcher appearing in every scene.



The series is directed by Moroccan duo Adele Elarabi and Bilal Falah and stars Indian Mira Menon and Pakistani Sharmin Obaid Shinui.

Mrs. Marvel

The series, co-starring Indian actor Fawad Khan, Aramis Knight, Matt Linds, Mohan Kapoor, Rish Shah and Travena Springer, is set to release on June 8 at Disney Plus.

Kamala is teaming up with Bree Larson and Diona Paris in the second installment of Captain Marvel known as The Marvels.

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