March 29, 2023

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Death of famous Sudanese artist Abdel Karim El Kabli

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Famous Sudanese artist Abdel Karim El Capli passed away in the United States on Thursday evening after a long career of singing for more than 60 years.

Abdul Karim Abdul Aziz Muhammad, his fame (al-Qabli) was born in Port Sudan, East Sudan in 1932, and has occupied a prominent place among Sudanese since the beginning of his artistic career, officially and in recent years he has lived in the United States with his children and family, as well as people in his health. Showed interest.

What sets al-Qabli’s career apart is the combination of three talents that are rarely found in an artist. After completing his studies in the fifties. In the last century, al-Qabli joined the Sudanese judiciary and worked in it for about 20 years, working as a translator in Saudi Arabia for a few years, then returned to Sudan and returned as a professional singer. Art Pyramid with many senior Sudanese creators.

Al Qabli began singing at the age of eighteen; In November 1960, when the poet Taj L-Sir L-Hassan sang the Asia and Africa anthem in the presence of the late Egyptian, he continued to sing at friends and family sessions for a decade, until the real opportunity presented itself. President Kamal Abdel Nasser.


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