February 6, 2023

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Layali Trop reveals the real reason why Amina Half left the series

Layali Trop reveals the real reason why Amina Half left the series

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Revealed Drape nights The Kuwaiti artist released a video clip of the real reason behind her departure from the series Amina Hoff, in which she decided that the reason for her departure was a dispute with the stars of the work.

Layali Trop reveals the reason for her departure

Layali Dehrab released a video clip in which she decided on the matter of leaving and answered a follower’s question about the real reason for it.

Layali Trop said: “The reason I left the Amina Huff series was because I was sick and they started filming too soon, if filming was delayed or postponed for 10 or 20 days I would have been with them … but because of the commitment to work, they could not wait for me. I will not be with them in the second part, maybe it will be better.

She is a Drape nightsAmina Hoff 2 denied that the reason for leaving the series was a dispute between her fellow artist Shaq al-Hadi, and the star of the first part of the series said in her statements: “To be honest, people have to ask me, unfortunately, I’m not in the second part of the series, so No one regrets Munira. ” And no one put anything in his mind or expected anything, and I skipped the whole thing. I’m tired, God bless you all.

Kuwaiti star Ilham al-Fadalah also revealed the reason for the artist’s departure Drape nights Surprisingly, from filming the second part of the series, Amina Hoff responded to a question from one of her followers, in which she said: “I would like to explain the reasons why Loyalty Trap left the series because the series will lose more than one of its popular texts. This artist’s deviation will weaken the work and” And Fatim “will follow the fate of the series.

Elham al-Fadalah explained the details of Layali Dahrab’s withdrawal: “It was due to the girl’s health. She was unwell. She retreated unable to finish the job … We actually lost Munira Amina,” he said. Denying all rumors about the existence of conflicts that first triggered his resignation.

It has been mentioned that Iman al-Faisal will incarnate Bright personality Amina Half 2 in the Ramadan Series

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