June 8, 2023

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Learn about Qualcomm’s new processors for laptops

Wanting Qualcomm in providing laptop processors that can compete with M processors Camel By 2023. That’s what Snapdragon 8cx announced in its latest processor for laptops called the 3rd generation 7c +.

The new processors are designed to work with Windows computers Chromebook Portable well and to provide better performance with these computers.

The third-generation Snapdragon 8X processor promises up to 25 hours of additional battery performance, depending on the specifications of the system.

It is 85% higher in general processing than last year and 60% higher in graphical processes.

The most important features of the new Qualcomm processors

The third-generation Snapdragon 8cx processor supports wireless connectivity from Qualcomm to fifth-generation networks via the X65 chip, and this chip offers Wi-Fi connectivity via Wi-Fi 6E technology at speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second or 3.6 gigabits per second. .

The new chips are working to increase the capabilities of computers based on artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence.

The company uses a new artificial intelligence chip on the chip over 29 teraflops. Thus, it offers three times more performance than previous years.

The third-generation Snapdragon 8X processor generally supports Windows 11 systems via the TPM chip to protect processor and system data.

The processor can use artificial intelligence to record 4K video clips and remove noise and isolate it from the background, which improves the performance of the processor in group video chats.

The Snapdragon 7c + processor is slightly less efficient than its professional counterparts, delivering 60% better performance than last year.

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The processor directly supports connectivity to fifth-generation networks, but at slightly lower speeds than its professional counterpart.

Qualcomm did not make a big improvement in performance compared to Apple’s chips and other chipsets for laptops. Although it has recently acquired Nuvia this year, it is still slightly lower than its competitors.

Next year, we will see Qualcomm’s new chips that can compete with the Apple chips used in its laptops. But the main problem is the compatibility of Windows applications with ARM chips. Microsoft is still suffering from this compatibility and is trying to overcome the issues that have arisen in it.

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