March 23, 2023

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Learn about the electric car "Superhero" with 6 wheels and 6 motors

Learn about the electric car “Superhero” with 6 wheels and 6 motors

An American company specializing in modifying sports cars to produce high-powered cars has announced plans to build a six-wheeled supercar powered by the same number of engines.

According to Hennessy Performance Engineering’s announcement on Twitter, Project Deep Space includes an “unprecedented” full electric six-wheeler supercar with “amazing” energy and performance.

The plan states that there will be 2 wheels at the front and 4 wheels at the rear, with one electric motor for each wheel.

No specifications for the engines or battery pack have been released yet, but the company claims that this car will be the fastest car with a top speed of 200 mph.

  • Learn about the electric car “Superhero” with 6 wheels and 6 motors

This is not the first time Hennessy has designed six-wheelers, but it will be interesting to see how this idea becomes productive.

It has four seats, but instead of the traditional two-row seats, it is set in a diamond shape, revealing what the car’s sketch looks like inside. Similar to the McLaren Speedail system, the driver enjoys a central seat with two seats behind him on either side. But in hindsight, Hennessy calls performance engineering the VVIP seat.

The VVIP seat has a unique design from the other three seats, and is “RT” according to the seats in the aircraft’s first class cabin.

The company reveals that the cabin will have high quality materials to suit the most luxury car and that customers can order customized specifications.

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