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Schools address negative student behavior with stricter procedures


Private schools in the northern emirates have reported that they have observed negative practices by students at various educational levels since the start of the school year, including not wearing school uniforms, not growing their hair long and not beautified, and bringing cellphones into the classroom. This distracts and distracts them from their lessons. And their low grades, in addition to unexcused lateness, schools have addressed these practices by reducing groups of students by five grades per month – compliant students, complying with student conduct codes, confiscating their mobile phones and their They interact with families in person, trim children’s hair, take care of their general appearance, and force them to wear school uniforms. morning assembly without delay before taking strict action to prevent non-compliant students from entering classes and renewing their registration for the next academic year.

Working in the administration of a private school, Muhammad Azad saw their negative influence on other classmates in the classroom and the phenomenon of wearing non-school uniforms gradually spread, due to the school’s actions against non-compliant students. The student wears clothes that fit him, wears his hair long, tied back or to the left, doesn’t comb his hair, uses his phone to take photos of colleagues and posts pictures on social media sites. Confusion in public appearance, and violation of student conduct rules, thereby lowering the school’s rating by academic committees, which conduct surprise visits to monitor students’ level of commitment to student conduct rules and the school’s commitment to education and academic standards.

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Private school administrations in Ras Al Khaimah said that at the beginning of the current academic year, they noticed the daily wearing of sports uniforms without an approved school uniform, which may become a phenomenon in schools, and students can wear any clothes during school hours. This is the first warning of strict action against students who are late for classes for not wearing school uniform and if the students do not comply, their families will be summoned. They must give a written undertaking that their children will be committed to wearing the school uniform.

He added that during the last academic year the phenomenon of hair extensions by students was rampant and he observed them in morning queues, visited classrooms and emphasized the need for students to maintain their hair. Code of conduct, hair cutting and grooming and if they do not comply during this week, students’ families will be contacted by phone, summoned to the schools and given written assurances that they will abide by the code. Running throughout the school year.

The director of a private school – who did not want to be named – said that in the past years, schools have allowed students to carry their mobile phones, provided they are kept in a safe box located in each classroom, so that students can communicate with their families after work, to determine where their families can park, outside the schools, but some Students use it to shoot video clips, post them on their social media platforms, and talk to each other through WhatsApp. During the classes the groups have to be busy on the phone for a long time apart from going to the bathroom during the class.

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He said that this would lead to a decline in students’ academic performance, and that schools had decided not to bring mobile phones to students throughout the school year, with the aim of deceiving their reliance on mobile phones during classes and exams. If a student wishes to contact their family, they should be contacted by the school reception department.

He added that adherence to the code of conduct by students is mandatory and will not be tolerated and the procedures will be tightened in the next two weeks. He will be denied re-enrollment in the schools for the next academic year. It is the commitment of the students to emphasize that the failure of some students to adhere to the code of conduct will affect the evaluation of schools and the quality of education. Leads to the excellence of schools and contributes to the development of their rating among private schools.

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