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Learn about the features of the new iOS 17 update


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The term iOS 17 is on the top of Google search engines because Apple announced the release of the new operating system iOS 17, and Apple is currently releasing the beta version of the iOS 17 operating system, and the final and official version of the iOS 17 operating system is scheduled to launch in September.

The iOS 17 operating system is an update to the current iPhone operating system, iOS 16, with new features, services and applications, coinciding with the release of a new series of iPhone phones, the iPhone 15, later this year. , and features expected in the iOS 17 update include:

1. Posters for calls, i.e. customizing a poster for each call, with an avatar character representing the caller or a full-screen full-screen image of the caller.

2. Live stickers can be shared via text messages within iOS 17 update.

3. Name Drop lets you share “phone number and caller name” call data once the two iPhones are close to each other.

4. Within the iOS 17 update, the Journal app improves the journal of daily activities.

5. Different clock designs.

6. Within the iOS 17 update, using Siri by simply saying “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri” and giving a series of commands without waking up Siri.

Devices that support iOS 17 update

The iOS 17 update is planned to be compatible with iPhone devices released from 2018 to now, and these devices include:

1. iPhone XS.
2. XS Max.
3. iPhone XR.
4. iPhone11.
5. iPhone 11 Pro.
6. 11 Pro Max.
7. iPhone 12.
8. iPhone 12 Pro.
9.12 Pro Max.
10. iPhone 13.
11. iPhone 13 Pro.
12.13 Pro Max.
13. iPhone14.
14. iPhone 14 Pro.
15.14 Pro Max.
16. iPhone SE (G2).
17. iPhone SE (G3).

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