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Learn about Verfone 4 smartphone .. its pros and cons


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Wednesday 01 December 2021


Fairfone relies on a consistent approach to making its smartphones, and the first differences between the Fairfone 4 smartphone and other models will appear as soon as the packaging is opened; Where the device is surrounded by compostable security pads, all connections can be composted based on the modular units and the file attached to it, regardless of the smartphone.

Even before the smartphone is activated for the first time, the atmosphere of disassembly and assembly is clear; To install the SIM card the user has to disassemble the back cover and remove the battery, but instead of inserting it into the small slot like other smartphones these procedures may seem complicated but they can be done easily. Verfone 4 supports Nano SIM card E-SIM card support.

The Vervon 4 smartphone comes with a sturdy aluminum frame that sits well in the hand, and its thickness is 10.5mm, so it is thicker than other current smartphones, and the Dutch company has confirmed that it does not want to succumb to the thin trend. Smartphones.

Verfone has made some compromises to keep the smartphone very thick and not to remove many fittings including the regular socket.

The Verfon has reached the limit of available space and is limited to a 3905 mAh battery, and during practical testing, the battery life in moderate use was extended to one day, but in high usage, a second battery can be purchased and replaced if needed, and the battery can be recharged up to 50% within 30 minutes.

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Different posts

The user has conflicting posts about the screen of the Verphone 4 smartphone; It is protected against scratches due to the very durable glass layer, but on the other hand, the image is not as beautiful as other luxury-class devices, and when browsing websites, the contents do not roll evenly at 60Hz image refresh rate. Such as modern OLED screens.

However, the user does not feel like relying on an outdated smartphone; The Vervon 4 smartphone’s technical equipment package includes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor, which is compatible with 5G technology for mobile communications, and popular applications run smoothly, but these devices do not meet the needs of gamers who want them. Use their phones smart to enjoy playing on the go.

The Verfone 4 smartphone is equipped with a dual lens camera unit, and the main 48-megapixel wide-angle camera works with optical image stabilization and laser autofocus. The zoom function is only available in digital form, and in practical tests it does not appear, the images are of better quality than expected, and the Dutch company has promised to update the camera to provide better picture quality.

The latest technology?

The technical equipment package of the Verphone 4 smartphone includes 6 and 8 GB RAM and 128 and 256 GB internal memory.

Verfone 4 does not have the latest technology, but the Dutch company outperforms its competitors in its efforts to make the eco-friendly smartphone; The company focuses on 14 key products in smartphone manufacturing, all of which come from standard sources, and the range of products includes gold, aluminum, recycled tin, rare earth components and recycled plastic.

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The Dutch company offers a five-year warranty on its Verfon 4 smartphone, except for the battery, which is not covered by the warranty as it is a consumable item. Screen automatically without going to specialized service centers.

The Dutch company explained that the warranty of the smartphone includes software updates for Android versions 12 and 13, and the device is expected to support versions 14 and 15, but the updates depend on the minimum hardware requirements. Google system 15 is needed in the future.

Verfone considers its new smartphone to be “the world’s first e-waste-neutral 5G mobile phone”. Eva Kovins, director of the company, stressed that every smartphone sold or the same amount of e-waste will be responsibly recycled.

Fulfilling these promises seems to be a daunting task for Verphone; The Dutch company advised to repair the old devices instead so that even if they stay in the drawers for a long time, users will not leave their old devices easily.

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