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6 Most Difficult Games Released on PS1 from Publisher Square Enix


A company Square Enix As Square and Enix were, it wasn't a single company at the time of PS1's release, and each was considered an independent company in its own right, and they were among the most prominent publishers and developers at the time. Games at the time, and only during Square's existence, the company was making shockingly difficult games.

Square Enix is ​​known for publishing amazing video games that are distinguished by their amazing stories, unique characters and dazzling art style. However, some of its games were also quite difficult, challenging even the most experienced players. Let's know about the most difficult games released by the company.

Saga Limit

Let's start with the first game in today's list. Although the game is more popular than the second part, some players were disappointed with the story of the first part, but at the same time it was a great challenge to complete the game. And even now the chaotic battle mechanics still create a great challenge for the players even though this game time game is old fashioned.

Saga Frontier 2

While talking about the first part, we must not forget the second part. It is considered one of the most beautiful games for the PS1 and is the eighth game in the SaGa series. The story was non-linear and surprisingly good. The game style at that time, and the game did not lose the difficult dynamics that characterized it, but the features of the second part were more desirable to the players of the first part.

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Pre-task 2

The Front Mission series was a huge success on the PS1 platform, as the second part outdid itself over the first part. The game offered many elements that any player who liked tactical RPG games at the time would want. Set in the year 2102, the player embarks on a journey with three… soldiers to fight the OCU. Regardless of the story, the game was revolutionary at the time and as a testament to its success, the game was re-released on the Nintendo Switch in 2023.

The game offered difficulty but not as much as the first part, but the elements provided and the transformation seen by the players made this game an unforgettable memory for veteran players.


Cyber ​​Org was unique at the time. Some exploration elements were added, creating a fun game that was easy to understand, but difficult for many players to master. Although the game… it supports English , but it was only released in Japan at the time, but it remains one of the icons of the stage and square.

A moving story

One of the most popular PS1 games was Vagrant Story, which offered good RPG elements. The game told the story of the trial of the Speaker of the Royal Parliament. At that time the characters were not interactive, but the game consisted of puzzles and strategies. For making weapons. The game came with strict instructions for combat and puzzles, which bothered many players at the time, as these things eventually led them to give up.


An unusual move for Square, known for its RPG games, to release a game like Einhander that puts players in control of a spaceship fighting in a war between Earth and a lunar colony in the 23rd century that attacks Earth. Natural resources. However the game presented challenges. It was difficult at that time but you needed a high level of training to face the opponents.

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Tell us, dear reader, about the most difficult game you've tried on the PS1, even if it's not on our list today.

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