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Learn how to use Chromecast with iPhone


Work Chromecast devices The iPhone is slightly different from devices that support AirPlay technologies or Apple TV devices, you just need to connect your Chromecast device to the iPhone through the Google Home application, without apps like Android phones, what aitnews said.

Connect Chromecast devices to iPhone

You can easily connect your Chromecast to your iPhone by following these steps:

Go to the Apple App Store and then download the Google Home Processor via the App Store, but without running it.

After that, connect your Chromecast device to the TV screen via the HDMI port, then create a new page on Google Home and connect it to your Google Account via your phone and the home WiFi network you use to connect.

Go to your Google Home app, search for your Chromecast device, find the WiFi network in your device name, or connect via Bluetooth.

Once you have finished connecting the device with your iPhone, you can now use it easily.

Stream content directly from your phone to the Chromecast

You can stream content through the Google Home App, not AirPlay or Clip and the Photo Library.

You can use the Google Home app in the following steps:

Go to the app and then select the Chromecast device you want to stream content to by selecting Media in the main interface.

You will find a special section called Manage your computer, and you can select the application from the list that appears by clicking on the word word in this section.

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You can choose any application you like from the list that appears to you because it shows you a group of different and different applications.

With it you can choose any app you want and also connect to Netflix, Disney Plus or other content streaming apps.

When you choose to link your app account, the app will display a confirmation message telling you whether you want to link the app or not.

Once you have confirmed that you want to connect the app, you can open the app directly on your phone and stream the content to the Chromecast.

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