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Legal immunity to protect your bank account.


“Bank account hacking” is one of the most dangerous electronic crimes, and it has many different forms and different methods, and targets the majority of countries in the world because the banking system is an attractive target for hackers and electronic fraudsters, and it is on the information network to sell credit card data illegally It is known that there is a huge black market, experts say some cards were hacked before the owners could use them.
In light of the development of this criminal system, banking transactions from members of the United Arab Emirates have been of great importance. Article (120) states that “the accounts of bank customers and their transactions are confidential and should not be viewed or disclosed to any party directly or indirectly except by the written permission of the account holder or legal representative or authorized agent in these and other authorized cases.
Section (148) of the same law states that “anyone who reveals the confidentiality of intentionally specified banking and credit information shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding 100,000 dirhams and not exceeding 500,000 dirhams.”
The legal protection of customer accounts from all forms of fraud and seizure has been extended to No. 5 of 2012 and its amendments relating to the fight against information technology crimes. Using an information network or electronic information system. Or bank account numbers or data, imprisonment and fine or one of these two penalties, and one of the information technology methods of imprisonment for a shorter period. Less than six months, a fine of not more than 100,000 dirhams and a fine of not more than 300,000 dirhams or one of these two fines.
If he confiscates money belonging to others for his crime or for himself, he is liable to imprisonment for less than one year and a fine of not less than 200,000 dirhams, not more than one million dirhams, or one of these two punishments.
In light of this improbable legal immunity of bank accounts, the customer’s role is to protect his confidential data so that he is not naive and does not fall prey to fraudulently gifting a person with a fake gift, or they belong to the bank, or from a security authority or service Psychologically manipulating him by forcing him to reveal confidential data.
In short, the bank can not ask you over the phone for any confidential information, so do not fall into the trap and be a reason to hack your account and lose your money.
Senior Legal Adviser

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