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Leisure Center: Learn French at the Alliance this summer


Finally summer vacations! What are the children going to do?

For parents who are concerned about their children’s developmental and educational status, there is a simple solution: Alliance Franாயois Entertainment Center.

Through fun and themed activities for French-speaking children ages 6 to 10: Cinema Education, Big Games, Arts and Games: In a pleasant environment, and with the special equipment of the Alliance Francois ad Metha, we have fun strengthening our French. No more boring days in the furnace …

From July 4 to 29, (with a break during Eid), from 9am to 3pm, an experienced and attentive team is waiting for your children for three weeks of a program that integrates sports, manual and art activities.

During the year, there are activities where children have some time off. So summer is sometimes an opportunity to gain momentum, with customized FLAM (native French) courses, for adults and levels, from CB to CM2: a customized program of reinforcement (level tests) for your child is more effective than holiday notebooks.

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Each week, a different theme will be explored. The first week (04/07 to 08/07), the kids will go on a trip around the world. The second will be an opportunity to explore the world of the circus – on stage, juggling, working in balance …

Fourth, Sam will be dedicated to music, under the guidance of experts from operations.

For children ages 3 to 5, an adaptive program promoting motor skills, cooperation and concentration and attention was developed by the Coalition’s education experts.

To register, it is very easy. Visit the Alliance website

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Two options are possible: Lessons Only, Lessons and Leisure Center.

Are you already a member of the Alliance or a student? Discounts are available to you.

After the holidays, return to school with extracurricular activities in French

Of course, there are a good number of course activities in Dubai, but most are given in Shakespeare’s language. In alliance, these measures are given in Moliere’s language.

Music, Dance, Multisports – During the month of Ramadan, these activities are a huge success with children. The Alliance renews its offer at the beginning of the school year in partnership with Sam Operations and its professional animators.

Alliance Franchise Dubai Retirement Center
Photo by Marrell on the ch axis

The strong point of these measures? Allow your children to maintain a good level of French language in the English curriculum.

Parents can be assured: No boredom this summer!

Learn more about the Leisure Center project, La Mediatech and other activities of the Alliance Franois de Dubai:

El Phone: +97143358712

WhatsApp: +971562180546

Email: [email protected]

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