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Leonardo organizes the “space economy” in the Italian pavilion


Expo 2020 Dubai: “Gulf”
As part of the activities of the Italian Pavilion dedicated to Expo 2020 Dubai Space Week, the Italian-based company Leonardo organized the “International Conference on the Lunar Space Economy: The First Steps Towards the Intergenerational Moving Generation”.

The next major step for aerospace companies and private entrepreneurs around the world was the main theme of the lunar exploration event.

The return to the lunar surface is an important factor in the development of the intergenerational planetary generation that protects humanity on Earth, and may be called upon to lead us to new places to live in space in the future.

Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo, said: “Our collective ambitions in space directly affect our planet and its future, which is why we seek to use lunar resources to make alternative research more sustainable. Space can provide superior essential resources.Profumo added: “If we think about the rare earth components that make up electronic devices, for example, we will see key opportunities for scientific and technological advancement in many key fields. Such as energy production and storage, recycling and advanced robotics.

The event was attended by representatives of astronauts and a group of agents, companies, academies and many others who discussed important topics. Most notable: exploration, mining, recovery technologies and possible solutions to lunar habitat, participants focused on ways to collaborate to understand the 2 + 2 = 5 equation. Leonardo Group’s expertise, infrastructure, artificial intelligence, robotics, communications, services and operations contribute to the creation of the Moon Gate for the Artemis Project (a joint venture between Thales Alina Space 33% and Leonardo 33%) to advance in the upcoming lunar adventure.

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Leonardo’s robot systems, with advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques, are expected to provide great support for the establishment of a sustainable “lunar village” where robotic weapons and drills can build structures and excavate resources from underground, especially if Leonardo’s pioneer in the production of space robots Assorted, Rosetta missions already developed drills used in Exo Mars 2022, and now for the Luna 27 mission, it has also designed robotic weapons. Mars model return plan. Finally, Telespacio (Leonardo 67%, Thales 33%) was selected by the European Space Agency to study lunar communication and navigation infrastructure.

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