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Let’s find out about the remakes that fans of the Resident Evil series have been waiting for…


The recent remake games of the horror and action series Resident Evil like the remake of the second, third and fourth parts have received great praise and success on all levels and most fans of the series want to get their hands on them.

encouraged Capcom To announce that it is on this path and will bring more remake games based on its original classic games in the future, this has made fans of the series extremely excited and many have started spreading their ambitions and hopes regarding their favorite remake games. From the series, in today’s article we will talk about the most important remake games requested by fans of the classic series that has entertained us for years since the release of its first part in 1996.

Resident Evil 1 Remake

The first part of the classic horror series is an introduction to this wonderful fantasy world that first drew us in. Our experience at the Spencer mansion and the sightings of the first zombie eating one of the victims in the dark. We couldn’t get away from our imagination, not to mention the music. A horror classic as you walk through the mansion, the strange and mysterious atmosphere and the thunder outside include real horror.

Capcom did a fantastic job remaking the first game for the Gamecube back in 2002, but since it’s been a long time since it came out, we’d like to see the current generation’s abilities to bring back some beautiful memories. That, and being able to bring it back with a completely new experience.

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So it would be great to see Capcom go back to its roots and announce a new remake of the first game that started it, with some new additions to see how the T-Virus spread and leaked from the umbrella labs under Spencer’s mansion. , and there is already one of the mods or mods that tell this story. The story is short, with three funny parts, called Resident Evil – Containment, you can find it on “moddb” website and download it for free.

Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake

𝐑𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐓𝐢𝐦KEY in X: "Resident Evil Code Veronica has been sent a Cease and Desist letter by Capcom!  Project aborted!  If fans remember!  Capcom fan shuts down RE2R

Many expect to see the Sega Dream Cast device exclusivity return with current generation capabilities later released on other devices such as the PS2. Facing ghosts that we haven’t seen in other parts of the series takes a new form, especially our confrontation with Alexia, the legendary and unforgettable Ashford, whose character Chris plays when he is still in his youth. Island to help his sister Claire. Although we played Chris in Resident Evil 5 and 8, we wanted to see him in his younger years in Veronica before he became the legendary hero. We know this today.

Resident Evil 5 Remake

Resident Evil 5 Remake Teaser Trailer - PS5 News - YouTube

The fifth installment in the series has always been considered the best co-op game you can play with your friends to fend off hordes of mutant monsters, and Chris Redfield, along with his partner Shiva Alomar, have proven to be a deadly duo. Biological hazards and the darkest and most mysterious character of the series, “Albert Wesker,” and it will be good, and we can see Jill, Wesker and Chris again, because these characters are addictive, we can never get enough. They bring us so much joy and excitement in any game or area where they are placed.

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Several important indicators indicate that this part will be the next in Kaboom’s list of remake works, but we are still waiting for an official confirmation from the main publishing house, and do not forget the possibility of announcing the ninth part of the series.

At the endIn today’s article, we talked about the most important remake games that Capcom might announce or mention in the future. The next stage will develop.

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