March 25, 2023

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Libya .. "Election Commission" responds to "delayed reports"

Libya .. “Election Commission” responds to “delayed reports”

Sami al-Sharif, director of the commission’s media center, said: “In light of the progress of the appeals and appeals process, the commission has no plans to postpone the December 24 election, as it has been prepared for.”.

Al-Sharif explained that “postponement is possible unless the appeals and the current arrangements are finalized,” adding that “the commission may request that the start of the election process be postponed for four or five days.” Appeals and judicial decisions are made for technical reasons. “.

Commenting on the legal status of the adjournment process, Mahmoud Abdel Razak, a former law professor at Benghazi University, said: Process. “

In his statement to Sky News Arabia, Abdel Razek stressed that “Libyans should not succumb to the confusion of ideas and stay away from the prevailing media pressure at this stage.”

Recall that the Chief High National Electoral Commission, Emad Al SayePointing to the possibility of postponing the release date if there is a delay in resolving the appeals, he considered that holding the elections in a timely manner was a “technical issue subject to the discretion of the Commission”..

This increases the time of the process Libyan election The focus of the international and European community is the warning of the UN Security Council and Washington against postponing or banning the Libyan elections..

The Electoral Commission distributed more than 2.8 million ballots at polling stations to provide for registered citizens.

It has also set November 28 as the last date for delivery Election cardsTraining classes were also launched as part of the preparations for the exercise of the right to vote.

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In this context, the Libyan activist Saif al-Mamari praised the efforts of the High Commission in preparing for the election process: Libya “A new page in those elections, in its modern history,” testifies.

Al-Mamari told Sky News Arabia that the “adjournment process, if it did occur, would be triggered by institutional role, not by imposing sanctions, and that the commission would” work hard to hold elections on the scheduled date. ” , December 24. “

Earlier on Saturday, the commission announced that the deadline for obtaining voter cards would be extended to Wednesday, December 1, 2021..

The commission explained that the extension “prevented some voters from going to the distribution centers in view of the increasing demand for the card and appreciating the situation faced by some voters”..

He appealed to all male and female citizens who have registered in the voter register and have not received their cards, “take advantage of this opportunity and expedite the process of obtaining their cards so that they can determine their vision for the future of the country.”