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One of the most interesting additions to the iPhone 13 is the cinema mode, which allows users to record a video, focus on a specific object and blur the rest of the material.

Quick control of focus on objects during filming is “classic in filmmaking”, and is now part of the iPhone 13’s feature set. Even better, users can adjust the “depth of depth” in editing software such as iMovie and Adobe Premiere.

And Time Release “P.J.R.The most interesting thing is that this feature “can predict when something new and significant is going to enter the scene and bring it to attention.”

Apple relies on the cinema mode as a key feature for selling the iPhone 13, and the company offers that it is “the only smartphone that allows users to adjust the depth of focus after shooting”.

Apple focused on major filmmakers during the process of creating Cinema Mode, indicating that engineers looked at filmmaking long before the idea was born.

Shooting usually focuses on certain scenes and requires a team of skilled professionals, including the cinematographer, and Apple states that the whole process “requires a great deal of engineering.”

The neural mechanism is an important component of the process of creating cinema pose. During the filming, Apple says, it “trained the software to make real-time decisions about what to focus on.”

The program uses smooth transitions when switching between focus subjects during shooting, and if the user is not satisfied with the result, they can adjust the focus manually.

Apple explains that software running in cinema mode is “computationally serious” and cannot run without the new A15 bionic processor.

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The cinematography aspect raises controversy about its usefulness, effectiveness, and ways of using it, and critics describe it as “magic”, while others consider it compelling and effective.

Includes a title from the experience of one of the photographers using the new feature, which shows that it is by no means an alternative to special film productions.

If you are looking for a fun new feature that can make your videos more professional, Cinema Mode is definitely for you.

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