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Libya: The “Commission” has postponed the release of the list of parliamentary candidates


Hassan al-Verfali (Benghazi, Cairo)

The Libyan Electoral Commission announced yesterday that it was postponing the announcement of the preliminary list of candidates for the parliamentary elections for a while, as the number of applications awaiting nominations is high until the end of the audit and review process.
In Libya, 5,385 people ran for parliament, 30 days after the presidential election, and were distributed across 75 constituencies across the country to run for 200 parliamentary seats.
The Commission, in a statement, reviews all applications currently filed for nomination and verifies the data and information contained therein, in collaboration with competent authorities involved in the review process, to determine the validity of the terms. Requirements of the Candidate.
He pointed out that the review and review process would take longer than planned as more demands were coming in than expected, which would force the commission to delay the announcement of the preliminary list of candidates for the election for some time. House of Representatives.
The Commission reiterated its commitment to political neutrality and non-alignment with any party interested in the success or postponement of this process, which is expected by 2.5 million Libyan voters, “to intensify all efforts to implement the will of the Libyan people, those who seek to promote peace and stability and above all the interests of the country.”
In another context, Stephanie Williams, the United Nations ambassador to Libya, is preparing to hold a series of meetings with several candidates for the presidency to discuss the challenges facing the electoral process in the years to come. Period, Libyan sources as confirmed by al-Ittihad.
During his meeting with the President of the Libyan Presidential Council in Tripoli, Mohammed al-Manfi, Williams stressed the importance of commitment to the decisions of the Libyan Political Dialogue. And the democratic state.
In addition, a spokesman for the Libyan parliament, Abdullah Bilihak, confirmed to al-Etihad that the timely conduct or postponement of the election would be considered and resolved by a report by a parliamentary committee appointed by parliament. Follow the election procedure and contact the Election Commission and the Judiciary.
Pilihawk pointed out that the matter was related to the report of the Parliamentary Committee on the Progress of the Electoral Process which the High Elections Commission and the Supreme Court had been in touch with the concerned bodies. It is interested in achieving the will of the Libyan people and holding presidential and parliamentary elections, indicating that there are parties seeking to disrupt the electoral process.
A parliamentary spokesman explained that the council was keen to hold presidential and legislative elections, an inherent right of the Libyan people to elect a president for the first time, and that the council would do all it could to fulfill the will of the Libyan people. People.
In Tripoli, the House of Representatives, in a consultative meeting yesterday, discussed the discussion and follow-up of the electoral process at all levels, not just the political developments in the country, indicating liaison with all parties. Its success is in line with the aspirations of the Libyan people for the institutions involved in the electoral process to safeguard the gains made to push the electoral process forward.

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“Central” reunion this month
The governor of the Central Bank of Tripoli has said that the process of reuniting the two parallel branches of the Central Bank of Libya will officially begin this month, although progress will depend on the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.
The senior friend said on a recent trip to London that despite the uncertainty, he hopes to reunite or at least its first phase will take place by July.
The governor of the Tripoli-based central bank and his eastern-based deputy met in the Tunisian capital last week to agree on a comprehensive plan for reunification.
As a next step, Deloitte Consulting will send the working terms of reference within 10 days for signature and officially begin the reunification process, Kabir said.
He added, “This is a very positive step, it will help move the country forward. It is not an easy task, it is very complicated, of course it depends on the political situation.”

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