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Rockstar is set to announce Bully 2 at the 2021 DGA Awards


Recent reports indicate that the GTA 6’s development process is in turmoil, and although the plan has not yet been released, most players believe it will be Rockstar Games’ next game, however, journalist Tom Henderson believes the news is completely false and the company’s focus is currently on the unannounced Bully 2.

According to previous leaks, Bully 2 was in development for a while before it stopped working in favor of the GTA6 game, but journalist Tom Henderson came back and explained on Twitter through his personal account. During 2 The Game Awards 2021, some people saw the executable version of the title as an immediate announcement, but as far as we know the party ended without any game presence.

Interestingly, this information is consistent with Game Informer’s journalist Blake Hester’s reference to the bully, who was soon aware of the publicity for the series, however, this information cannot be confirmed at this time, especially since Rockstar Games does. Do not comment on rumors or recent unofficial ones.

Rumor: Rockstar is set to announce Bully 2 at the 2021 DGA Awards

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