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Link to Naguib Sawiris’ tweet on allegations that Saudi Arabia detained 10 Egyptians from the Nuba


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris sparked a conversation among activists on social media after he questioned Saudi authorities’ arrest of 10 Nubians from Egypt. Organizations such as Human Rights Watch. Watch”.

And the matter started with a tweet in which Sawiris said: “Can someone tell me what the fee is?”, to which the owner of the Saud bin Hamad Al-Wadeed account replied: “Mr. Naguib, you can contact the Egyptian Embassy in Riyadh, and if this news is true , they will tell you what the correct fee is.

Sawiris responded to Saud’s tweet: “I know my passion, no shame in asking, no one has good in his family who doesn’t have good, and the Nuba people are among the best Egyptians. If they make a mistake, we at least know.”

The owner of the “Watan 69” account commented in a tweet in which he said: “I think the Egyptian brothers are too smart to trust you. They know, know and are sure that the judicial system in Saudi Arabia is firm. Fair, no one interferes,” it said. Sawiris said, “We are not interfering, but we are listening.”

CNN Arab reached out to Saudi officials for comment, and there was no response at the time of writing.

Human Rights Watch said in a report published in March 2022: “Saudi authorities have arbitrarily detained 10 Egyptian Nubians for 20 months on arbitrary charges related to exposure, communication and terrorism.”

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