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Linus Tech Tips Rebuild Steam Desktop to Final Version

Vapor surface

Valve’s Steam deck has been a hit so far, with the (relatively) modest specs not really an issue compared to the screen size and the fact that you can run it on the bus. But since it’s basically a small computer, there’s always the desire to upgrade it.

Which is correct Linus Technical Notes They did so in their latest video, where they took the valve handheld and pressed it in a few key areas. When they obviously aren’t By replacing the Steam Deck’s CPU or GPU, they can make some major additions/replacements in an attempt to improve the performance of the device.

Photo of the article & # 39;  Ultimate Steam Tech & # 39;  is a typical exaggeration

This involves removing the potentiometer-based joysticks on the steam deck and replacing them with some electromagnets. These have many advantages, better durability (it does not slide) and smaller “dead area”.

Photo of the article & # 39;  Ultimate Steam Tech & # 39;  is a typical exaggeration

Portable storage has also been improved, with the test 2TB SSD unit slotting neatly into the device, avoiding all the hassles that people face- vsWhen installing larger and more heat-intensive solutions. This particular Steam Deck offers 3TB of storage, which is a ridiculous amount for a small computer.

There’s also an extra fan to help Enormous The heatsink (extending directly from the back of the unit), tempered glass screen protector and external battery upgrade isn’t the most elegant way to extend your Steam Deck’s screen time, but it’s incredibly satisfying to be attached to the back of the handheld. Magnets.

The end result looks less like a handheld gamer and more like a 90s sci-fi movie with actors breaking down a closed door, but as you can see in the video below, the results are mostly in focus. Durability, longevity, and silence – they finally spoke about themselves.

Final steam surface

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