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Cristiano Ronaldo is an exceptional star

Cristiano Ronaldo is an exceptional star

Who wouldn’t have expected that a boy born in a poor area in Portugal, who wanted an abortion for fear of difficult financial circumstances, would become an icon in the world of football.

with sorrow Cristiano Ronaldo Since he came into the world on February 5, 1985, in a poor neighborhood on the island of Madeira, Portugal, he has experienced difficult living conditions; An alcoholic father who works in a sports club, a mother who works as a cook to meet the needs of four children, live in a tin-roofed house but look out over the vast ocean like her dreams.

At the age of ten, fate smiled when Ronaldo accompanied his father to work out at the gym, and skipped his meals; As his hunger was only for football, the boy realized that he did not need anything in life except the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s journey to the top started with amateur club Andorra, then to Nacional, Sporting Lisbon and then in 2003 to English club Manchester United, which has been his number one partner throughout his career. 7 was wearing a shirt. A deal that changed his destiny.

With Manchester United, Ronaldo broke records, became a legend at Old Trafford, reached the most important competitions, leading the English Premier League, the European Champions League and the Club World Cup. The “Red Devils” sang under his name, and he became their superhero.

But in 2009, “Don” was longing for a new challenge and traveled to Spain, the Madeira Missile, where a new glory awaited him at the BernabĂ©u. As well as local leagues, the status quo extends beyond football to establish itself.

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After 9 years with Royal, especially in the summer of 2018, Ronaldo changed his destination, this time to the Italian Juventus, adding to his record with a new ambition, then in 2021 he returned to the theater of his dreams, where the English club Manchester United.

During his amazing football career, Ronaldo won 30 titles in all the clubs he played for and scored over 800 goals. He won the Golden Ball award 5 times, the FIFA best award twice and the European Golden Boot award. 4 times.

But for the Portuguese, these matches do not match the moment he led his country to win the European Championship in 2016, but in 2021 he equaled the record for international goals with 109 goals.

cristiano ronaldo is an exceptional star. he has achieved immortality in the sport he loves. he trains hard. he jumps 69 centimeters high and scores fantasy goals.

A legend in his country, establishing a museum for him, and bearing an airport in his name, all this Ronaldo is not satisfied with what he has achieved; The passion for the game is undiminished in the heart of the 37-year-old, looking for a new challenge and a thirst for achievements.