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Live video | Game between Liverpool and Aston Villa in the English Premier League .. 5 minutes to the end of the game!



ليفربول وأستون فيلا

Dear visitors and followers of the competition website, we welcome you to live and live video coverage of the competition events. Liverpool Aston Villa in the English Premier League.

Liverpool will face Aston Villa at Villa Park in a match postponed from the 33rd round of the English Premier League.

Liverpool entered the competition and are second in the English Premier League rankings with 83 points, while Aston Villa are eleventh with 43 points.

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The Aston Villa and Liverpool matches in the Premier League saw 20 wins, including 14 at Liverpool Villa Park, where they had the highest number of overseas victories in the tournament.

Liverpool have won seven of their last eight Premier League games against Aston Villa, with the only exception being last season’s 2-7 defeat at Villa Park.

Liverpool have scored 41 goals in the Premier League this season, and have failed to score in just one game, including a 0-1 defeat to Leicester City.

Liverpool team against Aston Villa

Goalkeeper: Alison Becker.

Defense Line: Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joel Mattip, Virgil von Dijk, Constantinos Simigas.

Midfield: Fabinho, Nabi Keita, Curtis Jones.

Forwards: Diego Jotta, Sadio Mane, Luis Diaz.

Liverpool replacement team against Aston Villa

Kellehar, Connaught, Diego Alcondara, Milner, Firmino, Mohamed Salah, Gomez, Henderson, Divok Origi.

Aston Villa lineup against Liverpool

Goalkeeper: Emiliano Martinez.

Security: Matt Cash, Const, Mings, Lucas Dickney.

Midfield: McKinn, Nakamba, Douglas Lewis, Goodinho.

Forward: Danny Ings, Ole Watkins.

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Aston Villa benches

Fuentia, Chambers, Benjamin, Chokwemika, Tim Iroquois, Olson, Morgan Sanson, Trey, Ashley Young.

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Look at the start of the match between Liverpool and Aston Villa

Look at Aston Villa’s goal against Liverpool

Look at Liverpool’s balance against Aston Villa

Look at the moment Fabinho was injured

Look at Coutinho almost scoring a great goal

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Liverpool’s happiness lies in Mohamed Salah’s hands… Klopp’s assistant explains why



Liverpool’s happiness lies in Mohamed Salah’s hands… Klopp’s assistant explains why

Netherlands coach Bijn Lijnders and Liverpool assistant coach Jurgen Klopp have revealed many qualities in Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, praising his outstanding role in the team and his level of influence on the team’s results. A very renowned player and a true professional with great experience.

Pipkin said of Mohamed Salah during a press conference ahead of Liverpool’s match against Leicester City in the English League Cup: “Mohamed Salah, he’s been breaking one record after another. We’ve got a great player on our hands. He’s a leader. The ability he does and all the things, You also see a big difference.” “With him, I see him in the gym, he always comes early, I see him as a real professional with a lot of experience.”

Klopp’s assistant, who attended the conference on behalf of the coach, added: “I see him as a man who can lead this team without wearing an armour, he does that, he’s special with us, that’s it. How he does it is special, every game he plays at Anfield, every game he plays away. .” “Our land.”

The Netherlands coach continued: “Mohamed Salah is a great person. We have to respect these players. He is this man who can make a lot out of nothing, and he does it over and over again.”

Pepijn Lijnders revealed that he always talks to Mohamed Salah and gives him constant advice: “I spoke to him and told him, I like it when you smile, Salah, because when he laughs in the gym and outside, I know the ball will laugh too.

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After a difficult birth in the face of eternity…Al-Ittihad fans celebrate, mocking Al-Hilal!



After a difficult birth in the face of eternity…Al-Ittihad fans celebrate, mocking Al-Hilal!

A hard-fought win against Al-Quluth did not stop Al-Ittihad fans from “clogging” Al-Hilal.

Al-Ittihad fans celebrated their team’s passage to the round of 16 of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup in style with their usual “crackling”, but this time the jeering extended to Al-Hilal.

Al-Ameet struggled through to the round of 16 against Al-Kuluth, beating them 7-6 in a penalty shootout after normal time, and the two extra halves ended in a draw with one goal each.

Qualified by the skill of Abdullah al-Mayub. The Tigers goalkeeper successfully saved four of the ten penalties he faced.

Title continues below

To celebrate him, the audience in the arena chanted his famous chant “Sabo, why?” as Al-Ittihadists mocked Al-Nassr for his boycott of Moroccan striker Abdel Razzak Hamdalla. They chanted. Adopted in the future against al-Hilal and al-Mayuf.

It is noteworthy that “Rai Al-Marouf” left Al-Jaiem at Mercato last summer and moved to Al-Jedawi Club after Al-Azmi club signed Moroccan goalkeeper Yassin Bounou as their main goalkeeper.

Al-Mouf, however, sits as a reserve with Al-Ittihad in the Roshen League and Portuguese coach Nuno Santo has relied on him as a starter in the AFC Champions League’s first-round group stage match against Uzbekistan’s Olmalik. Tonight is the King’s Cup match.

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A secret recording exposes a sports official and gets him fired



A secret recording exposes a sports official and gets him fired

In an undercover recording inside Wimbledon Football Club, managing director Danny McLean made obscene remarks towards his colleague, ticket manager Rebecca Markham. I will kill her.”

British newspaper The Times said the recording device was placed in McLean’s office by Matthew Wells, a former British soldier who worked part-time as a security officer at the club.

When the device was dropped, McClain was revealed to have said: “I want to throw her – Markham – through a damn window … I don’t want to kill someone, but I want to kill her … I hate her, that damn bastard.”

The record found widespread repercussions in Britain, and the sports community there condemned the club official’s stance. An official statement from Wimbledon Football Club immediately responded to the allegations: “Wimbledon Football Club is a responsible, comprehensive, modern and fan-owned club. It takes its commitment to operate…” Leading by example and right, as well as taking care of staff and fans is very serious.”

The statement added: “This type of allegation cannot be tolerated, cannot be accepted and does not represent the culture of Wimbledon Club. Once we became aware of this matter, we acted appropriately in accordance with our responsibilities and values. The crisis is immediate.”

Managing director Danny McLean was sacked for insulting a colleague.

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