June 6, 2023

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The "exciting" account of the Messi transfer deal revealed by the Saint-Germain official

The “exciting” account of the Messi transfer deal revealed by the Saint-Germain official

In an interview with the “Channel +” TV channel, Arazo said, Messi He did not want to leave Barcelona Cow Jermaine tongue.

Arojo added: “I honestly think he would have wanted to stay in Barcelona. It is clear to me that Messi does not want to leave. Blackrana, And ended his football career La Liga“.

The “Barca Plugrana” website also quoted Arroyo’s speech in which he said: “Saint-Germain called Messi earlier, but it was after January, 6 months before the end of the contract with Barcelona. We did not contact him before. January 2021.”

Arjo concluded by saying: “Messi’s story in Barcelona came to an end after our club. The desire shown to us by the Argentine star encouraged us a lot to join him.

Last month, after Barcelona talked about financial and structural restrictions on the terms of the Spanish league, Saint-Germain officially announced the possibility of renewing Messi for a two-year extra year. “Play” prevented the team from staying.

Messi is engraved in gold in the history of the Spanish league because he has won the most matches of the tournament after 383 with Barcelona, ​​playing in the most number of matches with 778. Games.

The most important player in the history of Barcelona topped the list of “Barca” scorers in the competition Champions League With 120 goals, he scored 25 goals for retired Brazilian star Rivaldo and his former friend the Catalan club and current Uruguay Atletico Madrid striker Luis Suarez at the most important continental championship in Europe.

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