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Liverpool in the Cup Final


When they wrote in the Premier League before the last match that Manchester City were more understandable, and Liverpool were a little more tactically difficult, they meant exactly that. Guardiola’s “4-3-3” obey the rules of the Spaniard himself, studied for a long time, his achievements were copied, unsuccessfully tried to repeat, or at least “prayed” for them. Manchester City are powerful but predictable in their approach as a backyard hooligan who hits until you hit back. Klopp’s technique is a little more complicated, even the role of Van Dijk has changed significantly in recent years. Liverpool has become different, remaining itself, few people succeed in this. Follow this link 22bet.SN/live/ to make your bets on Liverpool.

One of the pillars on which success is based is the scheme without a forward. Manchester City’s lack of a centre-forward is obviously a hindrance, even today he was lacking. But Mane in the role of a “false nine” looks organic, since Sadio himself understands the task, and Salah, Jota and Diaz are familiar with this approach. The Senegalese goal in the style of Benzema, when he ambushed the lingering goalkeeper of Manchester City, confirms what was said. The entire first half is an illustration of the fact that Liverpool becomes incredibly dangerous if you manage to get out from under the pressure of the “townspeople” and pick up the ball. Klopp-Guardiola’s clashes can definitely be called El Clasico from the Premier League.

Consequently, Foden, Grealish and Sterling did not play perfectly in attack. Klopp is always pissed off when asked about how good Trent is at defending. When a person creates so many chances, it is strange to accuse him of wanting to follow the direct instructions of the coach. Klopp actively and consistently makes Alexander-Arnold a lateral and a dispatcher. And this is a great idea, because in most cases it works. Today is not Trent’s main match of the season, but not the worst either.

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It is possible that years later it will become clear that Alexander-Arnold is the Scholes of the new time. In the sense that he will play fewer matches for England than one would expect from a player of his class, as it is too complex to be integrated into the simpler football of national teams. But in a club that has noticeably improved in recent years, where the smart Matip and the big guy Konate are ready to hedge, Trent is in his place. Of the defenders, it is he who is the main assistant in the world.

With a clean second number, Liverpool plays so-so – we saw it in the end today, when the “townspeople” got chances. But if you have enough strength for high pressure, then we get one of the favorites of the Premier League. Van Dijk’s first pass, high interceptions from Fabinho and Keith, Alcantara and Jones’ ability to read the game all allow Liverpool to evolve off the ball and re-attack smarter.

In the first half, Manchester City lost just because of the freshness and harshness of Liverpool. Partly due to the fact that one team plowed against Atletico, and the Reds put on a show against Benfica with a reserve squad. But that’s Guardiola’s problem, and Klopp’s side are chasing Leeds in high-pressing intensity. Manchester City in the Premier League, of course, is nearby, but they failed to crush the Reds face to face either last week or now in the FA Cup semi-finals.

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