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Look .. Sami al-Jaber’s condition affected al-Teya with tears (video)



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Yesterday, Tuesday, in the final of the 2021 AFC Champions League, the star and al-Hilal and former captain of the Saudi national team Sami Al Jaber saw a warm gesture towards the team’s legend, goalkeeper Abdullah Al Tiya.

Al-Hilal Club’s two former stars Sami Al-Jaber and Abdullah Al-Daea competed in the 2021 AFC Champions League Final at the King Fahad International Stadium, which ended in a “leader” victory over South Korean club Bohang Steelers. Clean goals.

After the match, a special conversation took place between al-Jaber and al-Dai, and “Al-Ankabut,” the former guardian of the Green Cave, was surprised when al-Jaber tried to kiss his hand. – Jafar’s head.

In a scene that reveals the strong connection between the leader’s legends, al-Dai was moved by Al-Jaber’s position and shed tears.

The journalist, Mohammed al-Tara, commented on the scene in a “tweet” via his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “It was a situation that attracted me and made me cry. Sports and excellence are not just technical and physical work. Diligence, but first culture, Respect for discipline and organization, then the great and the old, and the renewed Abdullah bin Saad, a cohesive work from the foundations of the late God ibn Saeed, whom God loves, may God have mercy on him. Al Hilal is a culture.

Al Hilal FC beat South Korea’s Bohang Steelers (2-0) in the final at the King Fahd International Stadium in the capital yesterday evening to win the AFC Champions League. Riyadh

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With this, Al Hilal has won the prestigious Asian Championship title for the fourth time in its history, and the record for winning the Asian Champions League title.

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Al Hilal shocked South Korea's Bohang by scoring the fastest goal in the Champions League final (video)

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The Saudi “leader” has won the Continental title three times before, in the years (1991, 2000 and 2019), to break his partnership with the Korean team three times (1997, 1998 and 2009). )

Al Hilal has reached the final eight times, winning four of the four finals of the AFC Champions League in the last 7 years, the last of which was in 2017.

Al Hilal SC has won the honor of participating in the FIFA Club World Cup to be held in the United Arab Emirates early next year.

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