May 30, 2023

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Look .. The element surprises the audience and sings: "People say, you ass."

Look .. The element surprises the audience and sings: “People say, you ass.”

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Amir Bati wrote on Sunday, August 29, 2021 at 05:45 am – Egyptian artist element surprised the audience of his last concert by singing the word “Ya Hamara” at his concert at the Al-Manara International Center. In the fifth settlement, when he sang his famous song “Paul Forgets You”.

The element replaced the essential word “ya loss” in the song with the word “ya ass”, where the clip says (I heard people say you are a loser, I heard people say people are traitors).

Angham posted a collection of photos from his party through his account on Instagram, and one writer commented: “I feel the energy of joy that fills my life after meeting my wonderful, classic audience. Yesterday’s dinner was a reunion family and loved me. Laughed, I hope you have this energy, you made me happy.

Element recently released a video clip of its new song “We Want to Dance” via its YouTube channel, which was written and composed by Aziz al-Shafi, distributed by Wissam, and directed by Adel Jamal.

These are the details of Shahid’s message .. The element surprises the audience and sings: “People, donkey”. We hope we have succeeded in giving you full details and information. You can subscribe to the alarm system or one of our different systems to follow all our messages and provide you with everything new.

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