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Look .. The one who hid for years .. Actress Gina surprised everyone and released the picture of her son in her first appearance .. The similarity between him and Ahmed Es is stirring controversy.


You are now following a message that has been hidden for many years .. Artist Gina surprised everyone and released a picture of her son in her first appearance .. The resemblance between him and Ahmed Es is provoking controversy. | See now with details

Riyadh – Rovida bin Abbas – Actress Gina has returned to the top of the trend over the past few days, following a request from artist Ahmed Ace to raise the alimony of her two children by more than ,000 60,000 a month, her lawyer has revealed. Annual income.

Gina’s lawyer, Modas al-Dakr, during his investigation into the theatrical and cinematic works in which artist Ahmed Ez participated, found that his annual income exceeded 300 million.

Earlier, artist Gina posted a picture of her son for the first time, to share with her fans and followers, through her account on the social networking site for sharing popular photos and videos on Instagram.

His son, after scoring a hat-trick against Manchester United, appeared in the published photo, wearing the T-shirt of our professional Egyptian star Mohamed Salah in the Liverpool line-up, which ended in a goalless draw with five goals. Ninth Round of the English Premier League.

The published photo caused great controversy among the communication pioneers because Gina asked everyone to reveal her face to compare the resemblance with that of Ahmed S, who claims to be her father.

Gina commented on the pictures and wrote: “I have nothing more precious than this picture. I bless it. May God protect you, protect you and my children, if God wills, there is no power or strength other than that. In God.”

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In the series “All in Love” written by Muhammad al-Shakibi, Gina Ramadan 2021, directed by Essam Abdel Hameed and co-starring with Ahmed al-Sadani, Sabreen, Samar al-Masri and Reem al-Barudi. , Mustafa Darwish and Yusuf Othman.

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