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5 أسباب تجعل الزنجبيل يساعدك على إنقاص الوزن

5 Reasons Ginger Can Help You Lose Weight

Ginger has been used as a spice and essential ingredient in traditional medicine for thousands of years and has already been proven to have a variety of health benefits.

The medicinal benefits of ginger come from two main types of biological compounds, gingerols found in fresh ginger and shocol found in dried or heat-treated ginger.

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Some research suggests that ginger may help with weight loss, while most research on its benefits for weight loss has been done on animal models, while research in humans is often limited to very small studies.

Research here shows how ginger is effective for weight loss and maintenance and other metabolic processes related to the heart and blood vessels.

1. Helps to satisfy

In a small 2012 study, 10 men took 2 grams of dried ginger powder dissolved in warm water after breakfast. Results show that participants felt fuller for a longer period of time after consuming the ginger drink.

In addition, when participants drank the ginger drink, they burned 43 calories more after the meal compared to the water-only drink.

However, this research is limited because it is a limited experiment in which measurements occurred after a single ginger drink as opposed to a long-term study.

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According to Mary-Pierre St. Ong, a nutritionist and co-author of the study at Columbia University, these findings suggest that ginger may have an impact on a person’s ability to lose weight.

2. May help burn fat

In a small study conducted in South Korea in 2019, 80 people who were boiled gave ethanolic ginger juice as a placebo to see if ginger contains more cholesterol than regular ginger or if ginger helps reduce body fat.

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Although both groups were told to follow their regular diet, the study found that the ginger juice group lost more fat than the control group.

This suggests that you can lose weight with the addition of ginger even without other dietary changes.

3. May reduce insulin secretion

In 2018, ginger had no effect on insulin levels, but reduced insulin resistance, which may be a factor in relieving the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

There is also evidence that maintaining weight loss is associated with improved insulin sensitivity.

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4. Can help with weight management

The same 2018 review found that ginger consumption was associated with lower body weight, waist-to-hip ratio and weak fasting glucose, although there was no change in BMI.

5. It helps to manage inflammation

In animal experiments, ginger showed anti-inflammatory properties. In human clinical trials, more research is needed, but a small study shows that those who take ginger have less inflammatory pain after exercise compared to the placebo group.

Since obesity is a chronic condition of inflammation, eating ginger can help support the results of regular exercise and thus help with weight loss.

Source: Business Insider