November 28, 2022

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Macron congratulated Deboun on the anniversary of Algeria's independence and hopes to strengthen ties

Macron congratulated Deboun on the anniversary of Algeria’s independence and hopes to strengthen ties

Paris – AFP
French President Emmanuel Macron sent a message to his Algerian counterpart, Abdelmadjid Debon, in which he congratulated him on the 60th anniversary of Algeria’s independence from France, expressing his hope to “strengthen the already strong ties” between the two countries. The Elysee Palace has announced.
In a statement, the Elysee said, “Algeria’s 60th anniversary of independence on July 5, 2022, is an opportunity for the President to send a message to President Deboun expressing his wishes to the Algerian people. Strengthen the already strong ties between France and Algeria.”
Macron was quoted as “reiterating his commitment to continuing the process of truth recognition and reconciliation for the memories of the Algerian and French peoples”.
Although six decades have passed since the withdrawal of French forces, relations between Paris and Algeria have yet to return to normal, and since the election of Macron, despite several attempts to calm the memory, “forgiveness”.
After eight years of war between Algerian revolutionaries and the French army, fighting ceased after the signing of the historic Evian Accords on March 18, 1962, which paved the way for Algeria’s declaration of independence on July 5 of the same year.
Last October, relations between the two countries appeared to have sunk to an all-time low, when Macron said Algeria had a “military political system” that angered Algeria after its independence was established by a “revenue of memory”.
Relations have gradually improved in recent months, and Macron and Debon expressed their desire to “deepen” them in a phone call on June 18.
At the end of April, Debon congratulated Macron on his “bahr” re-election and invited him to visit Algeria.

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