March 23, 2023

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Magically, you will feel like a horse in the bedroom..Just 10 minutes before having sex with your wife, put the drops in the scrotum and watch your life changing surprise even at 60 years old.

Olive oil is one of the best magical oils known for its many benefits, as it is rich in healthy fats that help treat many health problems and diseases, especially in men, including sexual problems in general.

The use of olive oil has spread as one of the most effective natural remedies, especially for men over the age of forty, for erectile dysfunction, weak sperm and impotence.

Olive oil contains vitamin E, which increases the efficiency of sperms, and contains omega-3 acids, which help to increase a man’s sexual energy, increase his ability during intercourse and increase his ability to increase blood flow. It helps in the success of sexual relations.

One of the methods used in using olive oil is to lubricate it with the sperms of men, as olive oil helps to improve the sexual performance of men and get rid of erectile problems.

There are several ways to lubricate the testicles with olive oil that you should follow to get sound and effective results.


In it, mix equal amount of natural bee honey with equal amount of olive oil and then massage the testicles for some time. It is recommended to use this recipe on non-sexual days. It is taken into account that the massage stops after two minutes, and this process is repeated more than once a week.

Third method:

Mix equal amount of natural garlic oil with pure olive oil, put the mixture on fire, leave it for half a minute only, then cool the mixture and massage the testicles with the mixture.

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Effects of olive oil on sperm

While mentioning the benefits of olive oil, it should not be forgotten that it is damaged when used, and experts say that it is necessary to stop anointing the testicles with olive oil in the following cases:

1- When using a condom during sex

Olive oil acts as a result of too much friction to tear the condom, so you should be careful about this, especially for those who use condoms to avoid childbirth.

2-When swelling occurs in sensitive areas

Where olive oil causes bacterial contamination, it helps increase inflammation in the area.

Source: Ninth Day + Agencies