March 30, 2023

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See for the first time that the clouds of Mars are moving at an altitude of 80 km

See for the first time that the clouds of Mars are moving at an altitude of 80 km

The clouds do not run on Mars like clouds on Earth, but rather appear to be “droplets” and hurricanes, which appeared in the first video aired by NASA two days ago and have since been photographed by Curiosity’s lenses. Rover on the surface of the Red Planet 6 years ago.

The clouds on Mars appear dim and clear in the video, not because they are particles of water and ice, but because they are “carbon dioxide ice, because it’s so cold,” “Al” sums up. I read about it on science sites, including the American CNET, which quoted NASA as saying that filming the movie “8 Frames” on December 12 was not easy and that many photos had to be taken to get it. A fixed and clear background so that everything else moving inside the image like clouds and shadows is visible after subtracting the static background.

As for the height of Mars’ clouds, from its desert-style surface, the average height of Earth’s clouds is not reduced to 2 to 6 kilometers, but rather to 80 kilometers, so special techniques are needed to photograph them. Curiosity provided a number of lenses that photographed the passing of its shadows on the Earth’s surface, as well as its “sliding” properties in the atmosphere. Several vehicles have photographed Mars. Clouds in the past, but the images are static and do not lead to clear scientific conclusions.

After taking pictures, NASA scientists concluded that Mars’ ice clouds may have “supported the rivers and lakes in it” because of the high altitude ice clouds that could keep the planet warm enough for rivers and lakes, and came to a conclusion. PNAS Edwin Guide, a planetary scientist at the University of Chicago, is an assistant professor of geophysics and an expert on other world climates.

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