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MagSafe .. Technology used in batteries and chargers to improve the charging speed of Apple devices


Technology used in batteries and chargers to improve the charging speed for Apple devices.

MagSafe is the best portable battery for the iPhone

These days there are very few portable batteries that work with MagSafe, and many are manufactured by popular third-party manufacturers such as Mophie, Belkin, Anker and OtterBox. However, they are all cheap compared to the MagSafe external battery that Apple makes.

MagSafe Battery Pack Features

So if you are using iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 and looking for a smaller power bank, get the Apple MagSafe battery pack. When using your iPhone, this is the best way to charge your iPhone while traveling. Here is why.

The biggest advantage of the MagSafe battery pack is its tight integration with iOS – which means it works with your iPhone in a way that other portable batteries cannot. This is the only portable battery that detects the large “MagSafe” icon on the iPhone screen when connected. The portable battery can only check its selected power level from the control center, as you can from an attached Apple Watch or airplane. To save battery life it’s smart enough to stop charging your iPhone when it reaches 90 percent. (However, you can choose to allow your iPhone to be ignored by adjusting the settings. “

You can check the size of the MagSafe battery pack if it is attached to your iPhone at any time. Open the Control Center. This MagSafe battery pack is easy to use.

If you use any other portable battery with your iPhone

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Whether MagSafe is supported or not, you will realize that each of them requires pressing a button on the charger to charge your iPhone; Just calling your phone is not enough. This is annoying because it’s another step you can take.


With the MagSafe battery pack, there is no button to start charging. Once connected, it will automatically start charging your iPhone.

This diagram shows how much charge is left on both the iPhone and the battery when you connect the MagSafe battery pack to your iPhone 12 or 13.

Apple’s MagSafe package supports fast charging, but there is a problem
Overall the big advantage of MagSafe Charging is that it can wirelessly charge the compatible iPhone at 15W, instead of the 7.5W Mac of other Qi wireless chargers. The MagSafe battery pack can do that too. But only if using a wired MagSafe charger with a 20W wall adapter. Effectively, it turns into a regular MagSafe charger – which is pretty cool.


Also, the MagSafe battery pack can charge faster wirelessly when your iPhone is not connected to the mains. In April 2022, Apple silently released a firmware update that would allow the MagSafe battery pack to charge the iPhone at 7.5W, which is higher than the standard 5W capable of all other options. This means that it will outperform your iPhone very quickly.

How To Charge Fast For Apple Devices

Note: For faster wireless charging speeds

For this purpose, the MagSafe battery pack must run on the latest firmware version 2.7.b.0. To check, connect the MagSafe battery pack to your iPhone> Open the Settings app> select General> select About> then select the MagSafe battery pack. If the latest firmware update does not work, the update will occur automatically.)

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This portable battery supports pass-through charging
You might think that most portable batteries that support MagSafe support pass-through charging – which means you can charge both devices when connected to each other – but that’s not the case. When connected to any iPhone and Lightning cable, the MagSafe battery pack is one of the few options that will charge the iPhone first and then fill the MacSafe battery pack. There is no need to separate the two devices.

There are other MagSafe-compatible portable chargers, similar to OtterBox’s, which are more efficient and more affordable, but do not have the “smart” features like the MagSafe battery pack.

Apple’s MagSafe battery pack is great … but not perfect

I had the opportunity to test various portable batteries that support MagSafe, and Apple’s batteries are definitely my favorite. However, this is far from ideal – just listen to the YouTube videos you condemn. With a capacity of 1460 mAh, it is one of the lowest capacity chargers.

This can be a huge hassle as it cannot be charged wirelessly

When you are not connected to the iPhone; If you put this in another MagSafe wireless charger like MagSafe Duo, it will not charge. This is nonsense and frustrating, especially from a company that has pioneered the philosophy of fair work; However, many other options do not charge themselves wirelessly, so it is nowhere near the deal breaker.

Its main feature is that the MagSafe battery pack is similar to Apple’s AirPots – they work with your iPhone in ways that other options cannot. In the end, that’s why you have to choose it.

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