February 6, 2023

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A mother on campus occupies video communication sites surprising her military son

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In a human moment of meeting a mother and her son in the Great Mosque of Mecca, social media activists sympathize with a clip of a security guard meeting his mother, who was surprised to find him near him.

According to Al Arabia Net, the video showed moments of a mother’s love for her son while setting up some of the most wonderful examples of social media pioneers’ interaction with social workers working on campus and interacting with humanity and the community. .

Social media has carried numerous clips and pictures expressing the commitment of security officials to serve those who come to the house of God in the two holy mosques.

It is noteworthy that the Special Forces for the Protection of the Grand Mosque is one of the security forces affiliated with the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Special Forces for Hajj and Umrah Security, for the protection and convenience of visitors, pilgrims and pilgrims, and for developing security plans for the Hajj and Umrah seasons each year and maintaining the security environment within the Great Mosque and its courtyards. Follow-up and daily entry arrangements and exit activities from the Holy Mosque.

Providing humanitarian measures such as guiding and assisting the elderly, the infirm, the sick and others and regulating the movement of pilgrims on congested sites, ensuring that the sidewalks and paths designated for pedestrians are free from sitting or sleeping.

In addition to guarding the black stone, he also arranges for the crowd to kiss it, lead the crowd to pray inside the tomb, want to see Ibrahim’s shrine, prevent the Imam from entering until he leaves, with the receiving officer, the guardian of the Great Mosque and the guardian of the Imam during the sermon.

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