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“Makhtoob Alia” Episode 15 .. Akram Hosni married Hanadi Muhanna and Aidan Amar at the same time | News


The fifteenth episode of the “Maktoub Alia” series started with the show “Jaljal – Akram Hosni”, which was happy at the same time.

Jaljal married his girlfriend “Salma – Hanadi Muhanna” and in another hall he married his aunt’s daughter “Rukka – Eden Amer”, whom he forced to marry. Tata Da “.


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Jaljal escapes from his hall and goes to the other hall and tries to celebrate Salma’s happiness, he asks her every minute about the secret of why his family is not happy.




Ahmed Fahmi appears in the guise of a hotel manager known as “Tardiri” and takes pictures of souvenirs with Gilgal, while Jaljal al-Andim’s friend “Saeed – Mahmoud al-Sisi” stands in the lobby of two halls to take the jingle payments. In comic acting with a lot of creativity he changes from hall to hall every minute.


Jaljal argues that he has a stomach ache to escape from Salma and go to another hall, while Syed Cedik tries to vacate Jaljal Room No. 312, he wants to book to solve the mystery of the word written in his hand, trying to find Salma. Ahmed Fahmi is associated with the character Jingle because the two were married on the same day.

“Badawi – Amr Abdel Jalil” suddenly appears in delight and as soon as the delight is over Kilja shocks Salma and enters the room with her and the hotel manager begs him to escape from Salma on the pretext that his hall has invited him. Asks him.

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He goes out and finds Ahmed Fahmi in front of him and asks why he booked room 312. Before returning to Salma’s room, he finds his hall and the other family members in front of him celebrating his wedding. Then he is forced. Enter his hall room. On the night of the wedding he saw his father Ihsan “Ismail Farkali” entering the back room to advise him.

His love changes the way she treats Jaljal, and treats him very harshly for the first time, threatening that she will expose him if he leaves the room.

Jaljal tries to force his soul to go to Salma and she is adamant that he should finally put the phone around his neck all night.She calls his roommate Kiljal to ask him again why his family is not happy. After answering her, he escaped from Salma again and went to the room where 312 was recorded alone.

Gilzal tries to find the secret of room number 312, which is written in his hand, and then Gilzal falls asleep from a long day’s sleep, while hotel manager “Tardiri” Ahmed Fahmi goes by himself and prepares dinner. He also informs her that he was inspired by her, and then finds Gilzal unknowingly missing the secret behind the word “room 312”.

Akram Hosni starrer “Maktoub Alia” and many other stars, especially Amr Abdel-Jalil, Aiden Amar, Hanadi Muhanna and first time singer Hala Rushdie, besides the talented artist. Hanan Sulaiman, Ismail Farkali, Muhammad Taima and others, in the series, were the guest of honor, directed by Khalid al-Halafawi, and “K Media”, produced by Kareem Abu Zakri, with the participation of United Media Services.

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The “Maktoub Alia” series airs daily on the “dmc” channel at 6.45pm and will be rebroadcast at 1.45am and 6am.

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