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Manchester City are reeling from a tough win over Wolverhampton and securing their place in the English Premier League.


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Manchester City secured their place in the English Premier League with a 1-0 win over hosts Wolverhamptonne in the 16th round of the Premier League on Saturday.

Manchester City owe the victory to Raheem Sterling, who scored the only goal of the game in the 66th minute from a penalty kick.

Wolverhampton’s Raul Jimenez was sent off in the second minute of extra time of the first half.

Manchester City lifted their tally to 38 points, and Wolverhampton’s draw ended in eighth place with 21 points.

The start of the match came quickly from both sides, and Manchester City quickly took control of the crowd and continued its offensive efforts in search of the opening goal. In contrast, the Wolverhampton team retreated to midfield and relied on the counter. Attacks.

Despite dominating the Manchester City game, Wolverhampton failed to threaten goalkeeper Jose Chavez’s goal in the first quarter as he was restricted to midfield for most of the half, in light of Wolverhampton’s excellent defense.

And in the 21st minute Joao Cancelo hit a powerful ball from outside the penalty area, which the goalkeeper saved brilliantly.

Manchester City’s offensive efforts continued to find the target, but it collided with the Wolverhampton players’ strong and organized defense, thwarting all attacks before they reached the goal.

The game was limited to the middle of the field as both teams failed to endanger each other, especially as this half saw several stops due to injuries to the players.

Wolverhampton Raul Jimenez of Wolverhampton received two yellow cards and a red card within a minute.

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After the exit, Manchester City intensified their attacking efforts with one goal remaining until the end of the first half, but failed to do so, and the referee blew the whistle at the end of the first half. Two teams.

At the start of the second half, Manchester City intensified their attacking efforts and put pressure on Wolverhampton players, who, on the other hand, retreated in an attempt to score, taking advantage of a lack of numbers by the opponent. Its fullness lies in its midfield to absorb the excitement of Manchester City players and keep the net clean.

Manchester City face off in the 55th minute when Wolverhampton’s corner goalkeeper Chaw fell to the ground, facing Ilke Kintokan with a header from inside the six yard area. Cody pushed the ball out of the goal line.

Also in the 63rd minute, Bernardo Silva crossed from the right and the referee awarded a penalty kick as the ball touched Joao Moutinho’s hand into the penalty area, and the referee returned the kick to the video assistant referee (VAR) technique.

Raheem Sterling scored the first goal for Manchester City in the 66th minute.

Manchester City missed a second-half chance in the 70th minute when Raheem Sterling faced a cross from the right six yards out by Jack Graylish with a shot, but his ball crossed the crossbar.

Bernardo Silva scored the second goal for Manchester City in the 72nd minute.

But it collided with Wolverhampton’s defenders before reaching Bernardo Silva within penalty area. It was a powerful ground ball that goalkeeper Jose Chaw saved brilliantly.

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In the 80th minute, Gabriel Jesus missed a chance to score the second goal for Manchester City, with Kevin de Bruyne sending a through ball to Jesus within the penalty area. Kick, but it was not used.

And in stark contrast to the course of the game, Wolverhampton scored almost in the second minute of stoppage time. Moraes returned a corner kick with his fingertips, but it was not used.

By the time the referee blew the whistle at the end of the match, the remaining time of the second half had passed with nothing new, before Manchester City won by a clean goal.


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