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Mansoor bin Mohammed: The strong rivalry between the clubs reflects positively on our national teams


Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, chairman of the Dubai Sports Council, said excellence and individuality are an approach driven by intelligent leadership in all fields, while striving for first place has always become the highest goal. Competing to achieve it in various fields, with the provision of intelligent leadership, providing various aspects of support and care to help everyone achieve these excellence and firsts, while ensuring sustainability of successes and achievements.

He said: “The work in the field of sports continues according to the approach of wise leadership, while providing all the elements of excellence, which is the inevitable result of a prudent vision and unlimited support, behind the tireless labor of faith. National employees, who set their sights on the country, can achieve better ranks when they compete with each other.” ».

Strong competition between clubs, institutions, sports teams and athletes in local leagues and tournaments raises the standard of our teams and athletes, and enhances their skills and experience, which reflects favorably on our national teams in all sports. and enhancing their presence on continental and international platforms.”

His Highness emphasized the need to work with a team spirit to ensure high level of sportsmanship: “Sporting achievements cannot be achieved by players and coaches alone, as achievements are achieved by integrating administrative work with technology. According to successful teamwork and optimal investment of resources, players’ efforts and efforts, we are always working to develop our national management staff according to the latest and most successful practices within the annual programs. I wish..

It was held for a meeting of the Dubai Sports Council, chaired by Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in the presence of the Council’s Vice President Matar Al Tayer, Maryam Al Hammadi and members. Board of Directors: Sami Al Qamsi, Moza Al Marri, Jamal Al Marri, Secretary General of the Council Saeed Hareb and Assistant Secretary Nasser Al Rahma.

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His Highness, Chairman of the Dubai Sports Council, approved the results of the ninth session of the “Dubai Model of Sports Excellence” and the list of names of pioneers in sports work in Dubai. It will be held today at the Al Jawhara Hall in Madinah Jumeirah, Dubai, to acknowledge the clear imprints they left behind and a great legacy in the field of sports, affirming the Council’s passion to promote intergenerational communication and safeguard national gains. Benefit from the combination of experience and experiences of pioneers and the vitality and ambition of youth.

He said: “Dubai football clubs and other sports have achieved quality achievements and their heroes have received great respect and admiration from the meeting of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of the UAE. For Al-Ahli Youth Team of Dubai, the champion of the ADNOC Professional League, the same His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Second Deputy Ruler of Dubai, will meet Hatta’s sports leaders, the champions of the First Division Football League and return to the professional league, and the champions will attend a ceremony honoring the Dubai model of sporting excellence, along with the winners of the competition divisions and the sports careers of pioneers. , and those with leadership achievements, in order to confirm the diversity and intergenerational communication of aspects of excellence in sports work.

5 star rating for fitness centers

At the meeting, the council approved the results of the star rating system for fitness centers developed by the Dubai Sports Council in collaboration with international fitness experts.

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According to the classification system, all licensed fitness centers in the Emirate of Dubai and Free Zones are evaluated using 17 standard metrics and 81 sub-indicators to classify centers according to the number of stars in the five-star category or less. Presented at the Middle East Fitness Summit in October 2022. And received positive reaction and appreciation from more than 1,000 fitness professionals from different countries of the world who participated in the event.

Consistency tops

Sustainability in the field of sport is at the top of the comparison process between organizations, and a winner will be honored at the ceremony, along with other evaluation criteria between clubs, each receiving a weight and percentage, such as: achievements 40%, operations and procedures 25%, financial performance 25%, compliance with regulations 10%.

• Dubai Sports Council President recognizes the results of the ninth session of “Dubai Model of Sports Excellence” .. honored the winners today.

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Medal for Education Sports Schools

During the meeting, the results of the second session of the “Hamdan Bin Mohammed Medal for Educational Sports Schools”, a pioneering initiative launched by the Dubai Sports Council to improve the level of sports in schools and motivate the administrations, were recognized. Government and private schools in Dubai are giving more attention and care to sports by building sports facilities. Increasing sports and other activities that reflect the health and vitality of students, and providing opportunities for students with athletic abilities to practice their hobbies and develop their levels.

Sheikh Mansoor Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said: “The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Medal for Educational Sports Schools is a pioneering model for spreading and promoting sports culture among the new generation and ensuring the health and vitality of students. We are delighted to select a public school and a private school to win the prestigious, and second-round medal and honor it next academic year.

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Participating schools are evaluated according to four basic criteria:

• Infrastructure: Specifications, quality and efficiency of sports facilities and facilities available: (swimming pools – gyms).

• Sustainable Health: Awareness programs, initiatives, workshops and awareness campaigns on sports and wellness, prevention of modern diseases (diabetes and obesity) and proper nutrition through school canteens.

• Sports Excellence: Activities, courses, competitions, participations and sports results achieved in school or outside, and at all levels, local, regional, continental and international.

• School Management: Support and interest of management to implement programs and initiatives for physical, sports and health activities and attract qualified administrative and technical personnel.

Honoring 13 Sections

The ninth session of the Dubai Model for Sports Excellence includes 13 categories, two of which are dedicated to honoring sports leaders with achievements and pioneers of sports work, and 11 institutional, specialized and individual competition categories in various sports:

• Corporate Awards: Best Sports Club, Best Football Club, Best Quality Club.

Special Awards: Best Club or Company in Organizational Performance, Best Club or Company in Financial Performance, Best Initiative in Sports Investment and Best Company in Sports Talent Development

• Medals of Individual Excellence: Outstanding Emerging Player in Soccer, Outstanding Emerging Player or Player in Individual Sports, Outstanding Emerging Player or Player in Team Sports, and Outstanding Emerging Player or Player in Individual Sports.

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