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Launch of “Factories” program to qualify national workforce to occupy jobs in industrial sector


The Ministry of Industries and Advanced Technology launched the “Industries” scheme to train the national workforce and engage them in jobs in the industrial sector. It is a training program to raise the skills of the national workforce and improve access to technical and specialized jobs. In the presence of the Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, the industrial sector by matching their skills with the professional needs of industries. Dr. Sultan Bin Ahmed Al-Jaber and the Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology, Sarah Bint Youssef Al-Amiri.

While signing the MoU with the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and the Emirati Cadres Competitiveness Council, the three parties will collaborate to create quality jobs for citizens. The umbrella of the “National Added Value” program, and the implementation and follow-up of the application must cooperate in the field, objectives, legislation and special programs.

The MoU was signed by Omar Al-Suwaidi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates, Ahmed Al Nasser, Assistant Undersecretary for National Human Resource Development and UAE staff. Competitiveness Council, Khannam Al Mazrouei, Secretary General of the Council.

Omar Al-Suwaidi said: “Through the National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology, the Ministry seeks to support partnerships and collaborations with all government institutions and companies and the private sector, and to improve the effectiveness of the capabilities and incentives it provides. The (National Added Value) program at a level that supports the development and competitiveness of national industries. , and under the umbrella of this scheme is creating quality jobs for citizens in the private sector, which we expect to see growth at the level of Technical Jobs for Citizens through the Manufacturers Programme, which is one of the initiatives of the National Value Added Programme.

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He explained that the “Trainees” program will improve the skills of the national workforce and provide them with technical and specialized jobs in the industry by matching the professional needs of industries and training programs designed from the most important training centers in the country. » .

Ghannam Al Mazrouei emphasized the importance of cooperation between the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration and the UAE Cadres Competitiveness Council in launching the “Factories” project. And industries operating in the sector have added national value to enable them to link Emiratisation requirements with certification.

Ahmad Al Nasser said: “The sectors of sustainable industries and technology are of particular importance within the framework of the Emiratisation policy, as they are one of the main priority sectors capable of absorbing our young Emirati workforce. UAE Centenary 2071.

He stressed the importance of the industrial private sector’s contribution to Americanisation, and that most Emirati workers registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration offer highly skilled jobs. Emiratisation targets an annual growth of 2% in skilled jobs to reach a growth rate of 10% by 2026, which will reflect positively on the national economy and the private sector.

Efforts to support growth and competitiveness

Omar Al-Suwaidi, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, said: “The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology has launched several initiatives to support growth and industrial competitiveness, including the (Make in the UAE) initiative, the (National Added Value) Program, and the Technology Transformation Program, which All contribute to improving the benefits and capabilities of the industry, including providing opportunities for local and international investors in the sector, developing the national workforce and developing skills and capabilities.

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