March 31, 2023

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Many suffered from this ... "Govit-19" is a way to get rid of anxiety

Many suffered from this … “Govit-19” is a way to get rid of anxiety

Guy Leschner, a British neurologist, says one in 10 Britons suffers from the disease Chronic insomnia, 4 weeks is defined as difficulty sleeping most nights.

Lichtner added that according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, was this a symptom? “Govt 19” As a result of long-term, frequently reported or increased stress, epidemics have had a major impact on the world of sleep.

In a study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine in 2021, 75% Govit-19 patients They had trouble sleeping.

Like water and food, sleep is essential for our mental and physical health, and with less sleep we can not function and think properly.

And does not leave Sleep disturbance It leaves visible injuries, but leaves significant psychological scars, and research shows that persistent insomnia has been linked to serious and long-term effects on human health, including high blood pressure, obesity and heart problems.

In this regard, according to the British neurologist, there are simple ways to help get rid of insomnia and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Lischner observed that many patients appear to be in a state of hyperactivity, a psychological condition caused by a psychological problem that keeps the emotions alert when faced with the danger that he believes is immediate.

He pointed out that this condition, along with waking up in the middle of the night, destroys attempts to fall asleep, suggesting that the disease was the cause of trauma in its first year, and that the disease was present at the time. Unknown, so it seemed dangerous to the person.

The British doctor reassured people that sleep is a purchased habit, meaning they can learn it even after great anxiety caused by illness.

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We need to take everything that relaxes the mind so that we can sleep because they are both connected.

Lichziner rejects sleeping pills and insists that they cause more problems (you can only sleep an extra 30 minutes), and that too little during the day can disturb sleep at night.

If the person is unable to sleep, it is advisable to leave the room within 15 minutes.