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“Maram Ali”: I refuse nudity, I don't mind kisses


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Syrian artist Maram Ali revealed that she would refuse to play a role that might include nudity, noting that she would accept kissing as long as it was in the background of the play.

In an interview with Ali Yassin's “The Book of Fame” program on “Al-Jadeed” channel, Maram Ali said: “I cannot accept a role that involves nudity, and as for kisses, I have no objection. If there is a place for them, suggestions help the director, so they It doesn't sound rude, and sometimes we're forced to offer them.”

Even abroad, she insists that she refuses to be naked in any work and gives the opportunity to work abroad.

On the other hand, Maram Ali's serial “Darogi” is shown on MBC and Shahid VIP platforms.

The events of this series revolve around a successful “doctor”, who is married with a son, lives a happy life and lives with close friends, when she learns that a husband has cheated on her with a young woman, everything collapses in an instant. She discovers that her friends know about it. She decides to take revenge on her husband, expose his infidelity in front of everyone and break up with him. She plans to keep her son in custody and campaign against her. The husband is therefore forced to go abroad. Despite their divorce, the fact that the husband continues to love her, is jealous of her and wants to return to her causes many crises.

“Traitor” is the Arabic version of the series that was presented in more than one country. It was presented for the first time in its 2016 American version, “Dr. Foster,” starring Bertie Carville, Simon Foster, and Jodie Comer. In 2020, he presented the Turkish version of the series “Traitor”. It starred Kansu Dere, Kaner Chinduruk and Mels Sesin.

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“Traitor” stars Sulafa Meemar, Qais Sheikh Najib, Maram Ali, Rita Harp, Jalal Shamoud, Rula Bakshmati, Khaled Shabad, Eli Mitri, Tatiana Merheb and Zina Abu Zaid.

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